DISAPPOINTED : India patch update

(The only pain brother civ of aztec)

Sepoy : Trash melee, loose to cav at times

Rajputs : Trashed, they decreased the card affect by 10% and the Damage too :face_exhaling:

No one uses urumis anymore.

By design India always seems a melee design, which it never became, what could’ve done was, all heavy Inf ROF faster. But not thoughts put.

But they :

  • Trashed each and ever melee unit.

  • Filled the deck with redundant / half-baked cards.
    5 cards for train time , and many more

  • Could’ve improve some Indian Mercenary (Arsonist, Jat lancer)

  • Increased the XP penalty even more. The so called 1 vill with each shipment is not more ineffective than ever, they could’ve rethough, or increased the number of villagers to 2 in later ages.
    Meanwhile the penalty also pushed the 2500XP threshold, 1 shipment earlier :slight_smile: But there are no Cow/goats card or the shrine wagon sends a cow with it. Maybe gave pen with Ottoman consualte

  • Could’ve worked on Export and Boats that dont generate export

  • No Power/eco spike card like the most civs have in age 3 or 4. Just huge lots of mediocre inf or fragile camels.

  • Could’ve adjusted the Exhalted upgrade price, but maybe they are far better than the Royal Guard upgrade :slight_smile: hence the Sepoy gurkha upgrade is worth those values :slight_smile: Meanwhile there is already burden of an extra card for sepoy to carry on unwillingly. :slight_smile:

  • Then there are unresolved bugs

  • Could’ve considered an increment in pop limit :slight_smile:

But nope ! Nothing !

With such mediocre stuff The civ will go downhill in Teams / Treaty / Late game,
and maybe in 1v1s too.


India is an oppressive civ in 1v1 it needed some nerfs it’s just too good all round and gets a good eco passively while playing aggressive.


Yes yes, that is the

stereotypical image of the civ

which everyone believes,
especially those who don’t play India much,
but play 1v1s more.

Thanks to the previously popular Sepoy rush.

But I’m mostly referring to Team/Treaty and Late games here.


I believe the overall tone of your post is not very good. Too much whinig…

And you won’t make me cry for the « weak » sepoy…


Im sorry :open_mouth: never thought to make you cry :slight_smile:

As for the tone, its the result of ignorance over multiple patches & the continuous overlooks in each of them. Each and every point mentioned in OP is a topic of discussion in itself.


I agree devs been ignoring all non-european civs since a long time. All three asian civs are built on stereotypes.

The next update Indians get minimal changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Indian Fishing Boat displaying anachronistic car tires.

    lol these are car tires??

And they are further nerfing them:


  • Shipment rate: Increase shipment curve penalty to 10% (up from 8%).
  • 7 Azaps (Ottoman Consulate): Reduced to 6 Azaps.
  • Dravidian Martial Arts (II): Now improves Rajput melee damage by +20% in total (down from 30%).
  • Rajput (Mansabdar): Melee damage reduced to 12 (down from 14). Cover mode hand attack reduced to 6 (from 7).
  • Gurkha (Mansabdar): Melee damage increased to 8 (from 6) and melee damage multiplier against Heavy Infantry increased to 2.5x (from 2x). Now uses the famous kukri short sword in melee animations.

Umm, as much as dont want to believe it, it does seem to be the case though, the updates to non-asian civs are not as sincere & thought upon.

Well yea thats another topic in itself.

But in the OP I was referring to the in-game Stereotypical image of the civ as “Sepoy Rush civ”,
meanwhile there is not much sepoy or rush left in there :confused:

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Adding Further Insult to Injury:

European Subcontinent gets ~ 40 maps for its representation (they keep adding more every update):

Indian Subcontinent gets ~ 4 maps for its representation:

Nearly same sized landmasses both:

I would rather argue India is much more diverse geographically from mountains to coasts, from deserts to tropics.


To be fair, for more than 15 yrs there was no european map at all, despite having 8 euro civs. I guess India (and Asia) will recieve more maps If they make a Persia dlc

So everyone interessted in an asian overhaul should advocate for persia and not bash a random patch


To be honest, I think it’s probably impossble to address the Asian Civs properly in updates that focus a lot on European balances and model/texture updates, aside from very small changes.

A big Asian Dynasties civ update would really be in order and as someone has mentioned, would probably make more sense as something that happens just before a Asian DLC.

TBH the patches for the past year has been “follow-ups of KoTM” which should have traditionally been released with the DLC if we were in the era of expansions. But now they are free updates so they take longer.

I hope they re-visit Asian civs for the future patches.


We badly need Persians, Koreans and Siamese alongside revamp of the entire Asian civs. I’ll gladly pay $60 for another Asian Expansion pack.


India is considered good in treaty by pro players.

there is both desert and rainforest in Europe, surprisingly enough.

europe also has arctic, which india doesn’t.

that being said i am not against adding more indian maps.

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You dont see it on lobbys unlike Japan, Mexico or Sweden who appear in every single game, so something happens there

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its a high skill faction that requires being good at pushing.

sweden last i checked is considered pretty bad now after all the nerfs.

No, these are boat fenders. They are used to absorb shocks during docking. Several types were used through the centuries. As for the type represented here, I don’t know if it was used on Indian boats at this time.

Himalayas is as cold as Arctics.

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And yet they didn’t make one european map that has those.


This is a great excuse in 1v1(which I’m not expert on) BUT also I havent seen most Indian Player winning much in a 1v1 streams either. Even when I hunted for it. The Loss streams as an Indian player are far higher than wins, also, the wins “WERE” mostly composed of the OLD sepoy rush.

Meanwhile there arent even enough players that play the game, as mentioned :

No offence but I cant control my laugh reading this :joy: