Disconnecting from match early penalty after losing early in nomad

So I had a game in nomad where I lost 2 villagers in the start due to villager fight and he had 2 left, coming to harass my last villager building TC. I didnt wall my villager off in time and simply wanted to give up isntead of having a dragged out fight where I quick wall my last villager against his two vilalgers who wont let me escape to build my TC. So I call gg and leave the game. Then I get a penalty for disconnecting from ma match game early, and cant requeue? What is this ■■■■■■■■! I lost ok, its fair its ■■■■■■■ nomad, ■■■■ happens but I shouldnt get a penalty on top!!!

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Frankly, I’d need more than 5 minutes to cool off after losing a Nomad villager fight. :cry:

I understand your frustration, but it is small price to pay to deplatform the Alt-F4 crowd.

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Alt f4 hasn’t decreased, instead longer queues, early resigners and more smurfs are appearing, you are just changing the name to the same action.

And it is not a small price, you don’t even play multiplayer or else you will know the punishments are cumulative, 3 drops/crashes/freezes in a row are 1 hour time out, at the next 24 hrs if you drop/resign early again the first one is free but the next one follows the previous timeouts so it will be 3 hours then 9 and finally 20.


agreed this was the worst change the devs have ever made

how is that an inprovement?

why do you just wana make a large segment of the comunity unable to play? that just seems cruel

Huh? You could have just looked me up. I’ve played this many ranked games recently (see below). No drops. No crashes. No penalties.

What about the effect they’ve had on other people? 4v4 and they don’t like the map so they Alt-F4 and self-impose a time penalty (re-queue) on the innocent players? What about them?

Just to be clear, I’m concerned with people that intentionally force-quit/disconnect. I expressed sympathy for OP for the situation they encountered in Nomad.

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