Disconnection from multi


I use the game on Steam and since the big update of summer 2023, I am systematically disconnected from the multi after 4 or 5 minutes of presence on the game.
So I always have to wait that long until I’m disconnected, reconnect, and finally be able to join online lobbies (Ranked or not), otherwise I’ll be kicked as if the host did it for instance.

I’ve already checked the basic recommendations several times but none worked in my case
Administrator rights
Latest build
Antivirus/Firewall (TCP and UDP)
Disable mods
Windows Update
Direct X
Visual C++
All Drivers
Audio codecs

It’s worth pointing out that everything has been working fine from the day I purchased the game back in the days and that the problem really appeared the day after this major summer update, by the end of August 2023 if my memory’s good, and that it’s happening on both the two AOE 2 DE Steam accounts linked to my machine.

The PC and its installation are clean, no virus, no Trojan detected, the performance test is good (1152.6), no other games or applications are experiencing connection or stability problems, I’m connected via an Ethernet cable, my ping is 73.58 Down, 2.42 Up, which is more than enough for AOE I guess, Windows was even reinstalled on this machine (Win 10 Pro > Win 11 Pro 23H2 build 22631.3007) in September, but the problem persists despite everything.

At first, I was even disconnected every 4–5 minutes. But the autumn’s patch reduced the number of disconnections to just one, the one I’m describing more specifically today.
But it appears to confirm that the game’s updates have had a direct impact on my problem.

Thanks in advance to help me to solve this issue