Discount %'s?

Which discount should owners of AoMEE get on the next game?

  • a free sticker
  • a virtual ‘book’, called ‘founders book’ telling them how they supported the game or something
  • a plushie of a minotaur (shipped on request)
  • a plushie of the dog (bella)
  • 80% off
  • 75% off
  • 50% off
  • 25% off
  • 10% off
  • 90% off

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nothing, why for free ?

Free scout skins please!

For example, if you owned AoE2:HD you got a 25% discount on AoE2:DE.

It’s just a thing the devs do to thank long time returning customers, and so it’s expected in the community at this point

What a cute idea with the plushi :smiley:

I like the Minotaur one :smiley:

But to be honest a discount would be the smartest I personally would pay full price if it’s a good remake/rework/whatever, but I think 25% discount would be reasonable if you own EE.

25% for EE owners, 50% for (EE + Tale of the Dragon DLC) owners.

We don’t need a discount, we need a high quality game, wich requires money. We’ll pay the full price.


100% agreed! but i think we just talked here about the “what if”. but i totally agree i also would pay 60 bucks if game feels, plays and looks great. i personally don’t know why some ppl want love for the franchise but are not willing to pay a bit more or they just want a few visual upgrades and just pay an ordinary remaster (which sometimes can happen to be also at least 40 bucks) but again i personally also would pay the price for a completely new game if the game gets the love, attention and time it needs and deserves.

Surprised that let’s say they used this, most people are currently picking 25% off. Not a plushie or something cool. Not even like 50% off. Total masochists here that want to pay for things or whateva.

Can’t you understand that developpers need a paycheck to live? It’s their job to make a great game, they aren’t volunteers.

What a difficult choice between a plushie of a minotaur or a plushie off the dog!

There should be an option to pay 25% each year over 4 years. So if they don’t make a good game and people quit, then they don’t get full money.