Discussion about spies and blocus cost

How is spies cost defined ? If I remember right, it says 75gold per enemy unit.
Does that mean having 30 strelets makes it cost the same as 30 cuirassiers ? Maybe it would be more relevant to be per pop instead ?

What about blocus ?

I think it is per pop. Same for blockade.

doesn’t building also cout? (i have no idea)

Yeah it’s kind of hard to say… I would like to know so I can adapt my build order in treaty. If I can affor spies and stop them from having it’s a great advantage over the enemy.

At least in legacy it was like 75 gold per pop of the enemy team for spies and 100 gold per pop for blockade. Buildings have no effect on it. I am not sure if this has changed at all in DE.

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So I think the UI should indicate pop instead of units. That would clarify things

Still, to be honest I believe spies is not worth on treaty40. (And a bit of lame move), at high ranks nobody buys it

Your own UI indicates pop, much like enemies UI indicates their pop. You just don’t get to see enemies pop i guess.

I don’t understand the lame move part. It’s a feature of the game. Like gendarm spam, Sioux siege cav, japan double eco, russian forts, Jan bombard combo… why would a player restrain himself from using it ? When I have 100k gold I can surely spend 20k on spies. It’s up to the player to win the way they want. Not being someone’s way to win doesn’t make it lame. See, remember the Kyne-Sea build orderwith ports ? That’s a feature of the game, you can win this way. Despite many players calling it lame, it isn’t to me.

Back to spies : It’s very useful to find weak points into your opponent base. Even top player have weak points in their walling.

Also, as the treaty ends, you can spot vills from your opponent and prevent them from building FBs. It’s not lame or abusing any mechanic or anything since everyone can use it. If you want not to use that, you are just limiting yourself.

Btw What do you consider being high rank ?

But jf you have any source or explanation on why spies isn’t a good way to spend my gold, I’d be glad to know it so don’t hesitate to share ! (Videos, discussions about it…)

With my build order atm, I’m reaching age V in 18min, buying spies around 22 for almost nothing.

It can certainly be helpful, it’s just not considered good between the top players, as there the game is close enough for those 10…15k res to matter.

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If you do it early enough it can cost only like 6 or 7k (if your opponent only have vills and no army) (1v1).

Surely it might mater in the long run, but if it helps you push where you’d be more cost effective … Anticipate what army is coming… Find weak points in the walls… spot building being built sideway…

In 1v1, it’s true they are cheap, but will still cost around 10k depending on enemy civ. But the map is usually so small that mortars almost inside your build radios can reach your enemy wall.
Maybe some exceptions like vs Russia on some maps for example spies can help, but 80% of cases it will make zero difference, only sink 10k gold.

In regards to find weak spots, use a mortar for example or other high LOS unit to scout before the 40mark.

It could be useful on bigger maps (with more players) but the cost will also increase.

High rank, probably top 80 players on Tr40

That’s not where I am :laughing: ! So I can still use it

Anyway, blockade is a better investment early on :laughing:

Blockade is disabled on tr40 ranked (if I remember correctly)

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