Discussion about the useless UTs for monks

As you know, there are only 3 civs in the game that have unique technology for their monks, which they are:

  • Slavs (Orthodoxy): Monks get +3/+3 armor.

  • Saracens (Madradah): Monks return 33% of their gold when die.

  • Spanish (Inquisition): Monks convert faster.

Now, why am I writing this? Because any UT that only help monks is USELESS. Who want to use an army of monks in the battlefield to get the benefit from those useless techs especially with 100g for each monk?! Monks are not military units, so giving them a UT is completely useless and wrong.

Here are my suggestions about those useless UTs:

  • Orthodoxy: Now give monks and knight line (+2/+2) or (+2/+1) armor (was +3/+3 for monks only).

  • Madrasah: changed to Zakat UT which make all gold units return 25% of their gold cost when they die.

  • Inquisition: Military units get healing when they are close to monastery (10 tiles radius).

So what do you think?


So you want to give slavs a castle age unique tech that makes there knights and cavaliers 6/6?. In castle age no less? Why rven make boyar?


Of course nothing will stay the same, I mean the cost of those techs will be different (more or less) it depends, so this is one thing. 2nd thing those techs can be imp techs in the future.

So slavs druzhina becomes a castle age unique tech? I domt think you gave this enough thought


Yes please for a rework or tweaking of Madrasah.


Druzhina already is one of the most expensive UT in the game, so even if you make it in casle it wont change anything, especially it is an infantry tech.

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Not only Madrasah, any UT for monks must be changed.

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The whole point is that castle age unique techs are supposed to be cheaper and generally smaller effects then imp ones

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Vikings have a castle tech more expensive than the imp one, and even if Orthodoxy give knights and monks +2/+2 it still not better than Druhzina. My purpos here is that making a UT that benefit the monks only is just useless and waste.

A niche situation. Most unique technologies are cheaperin castle age then in Imp. Thry even changed the costs of the franks bonuses when swapping them to reflect this and again. If they have 7/8 knights/cavaliers why bother making boyars?

Whatever the cost is, the most important thing is that those 3 techs are useless and need a change, they are really useless and meme techs 11.

Your change makes boyar even more useless then they already are

Boyars still good too, they have better attack and much better HP. Well if you have an idea to change Orthodoxy to something better, then this is already why I wrote the topic, it is a discussion about those useless techs.

10 more hp but 1 lower pa. Slower too. And 80 gold cost.

Yeah Boyars gold cost need a buff for sure it is too high, maybe making it 70g will be better. In general I don’t see this change is OP or useless, and it will not kill the Boyar, because many civs don’t use their UUs because they have better generic units.

Cavalier with +6 pa is probably one of the most broken things that could happen to this game

I get changing the Madrasah tech, but the other ones are fine, especially in arena. I don’t get why they should change them

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It is not better than Paladin.

What!!! They are fine!!!

70 arrows to kill from an arb. More then a frankish paladin. And cheaper too.

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Well anyway as I said, it can be changed. Ok what do you suggest?

10 more arrows it can tank. And costs a lot less to reach too.
Cavalier in 1v1 is practical. Paladin is not