Discussions regarding naming (civs, units... etc)

I have been thinking lately about some of the civ names that are either inaccurate or inappropriate to use so I wanted to raise the discussion about it among users.
The ones that come to mind for me are the following:

  • Berbers: This name was given by Romans for negative propaganda against the kingdom of Carthage to describe them as barbaric. The actual name is Amazigh which is the one that is currently being used by people in those areas.
  • Saracens: Another propaganda name by the Europeans which derives from an Arabic word meaning “thieves”. Probably Arabs would be a more appropriate name though this civ is very loosely defined as a collection of different civs (something like the Indians).
  • Tatars: The civ described does not fit with the campaign of Tamarlane who was an Uzbek rather than a Tatar. I am sure the historical inaccuracies are many in the game but that one is quite major imo.

Would love to hear your takes on this…

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Almost all Europeans called all Turkic peoples of Central Asia and the Eurasian Steppe “Tatars”, even the Timurids were called Tatars.