Display bug of Yuan Raide

BUG performance: The model of the “Yuan Raider” unit was misaligned, causing him to directly hold the sharp blade with his bare hands. Although he obviously had a chopping weapon in his hand, his only action was to poke. In addition, his unit’s voice mistakenly used the voice of the fire lancer, which was very abrupt.

Once in battle, it will be like this.

Bug reason: The underlying data of the “Yuan Raider” unit clearly comes directly from the “Horseman”, so he can only poke but not chop, and their attack action is fixed: once the spear is replaced with a short weapon, this problem of holding the handle with bare hands will occur.

In addition, as a pure melee unit, the arrow bags behind them are obviously not appropriate. The issue of this type of melee unit being equipped with long-range bows also exists in Joan of Arc’s warrior and knight forms, as well as the “Jeanne’s Champion”, as these units were modified from existing models. We hope that developers can remove the arrow bags from these melee units.