Display player scores in Quick Match and Ranked

Just like in AoE 2 DE, players are used to this information. It helps players know who’s strong and who’s weak, and then they can implement different strategies.

This is not a good info to have in my opinion in a ranked game. It’s fine in custom games.

You shouldn’t have any other info about your opponent other than scouting info.


The ship has sailed on this one.

It was not included at the start and then the position was reviewed and it is now only available in replays (always was) and custom games if you tick the setting.

It’s fine when everybody can get this info. It worked perfectly in AoE 2 DE, whether it’s a custom game or a tournament!

You can activate this for custom games, leave it out from ranked and quick matches.

It has been a good decision to not include this info in ranked games - I hope it stays that way. Not only can that score be very misleading, it is also an uninteresting feature that doesn’t make the game more fun to play.

No thanks.In team games there is already enough leavers when game isn’t over and someone being ahead in score gives more reason for ppl to leave the match

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The scouts are meant to be the gameplay version of this and I agree on this. I can think of no other RTS where you get free info on your opponent just like that.

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