Display zoom

Is there a way we can zoom out more? Is it the display mode that helps with seeing more map ? Like i have 1920x1080 display mode, if i go higher, i would be able to zoom out or see more map?


No, changing resolution doesn’t change the field of view.

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Resolution only affects field of view in 2D games, like AoE II. It does nothing for 3D games except make things sharper and tank performance.

The zoom issue has been discussed to death and met mostly with silence from devs. It’s probably not changing so don’t hold your breath.

Here is where one person started a poll on who still is looking for more zoom: the-zoom-still-sucks-big-time

It will be interesting to see how many responses there are over the next few days.

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I’ve been asking this question since the closed beta haha.

devs pls!

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Yes, please! The “zoom” we see is almost no zoom…