DLC based on the best campaigns mods?

When I saw this post’s I thought that a cool idea for a brand new DLC would be to add the best mods to the game. For example, such DLCs could add civs and campaigns created by the modding community. The income that would come from sales could be shared between developers and modders. In this way, these mods would also receive official support and become a full-fledged part of the game.


This is a good Idea, especially if they can be the impetus for adding further new civs (cf. Venetians, Croatians, Serbs, Wallachians).


It is from these two posts that you could create two ##############
The first about Asia and the second about Europe.

The Asian DLC would bring the Mongolian, Japanese and Chinese campaigns. It would be nice if it added more visual variety, such as unique castles and a completely new type of architecture set for nomadic peoples - Nomadic Architecture Set. Such a DLC could bring the split of the Chinese umbrella + potentially the split of Japan (my little dream).

A European DLC could bring the Dutch, Croatian and Byzantine campaigns. Byzantines and Balkan civilizations could get a brand new Architecture Set - Byzantine Architecture Set. I think such a DLC could bring with it Croatians civ and Romanians civ + potentially Serbian civ. The Dutch campaign could possibly be included in another DLC to make that DLC centered around the Balkans.


You mean the Korean Campaign for North East Asia? Mongols have Genghis Khan already…

As for the Dutch, they could be added with another DLC that has the Vikings’ unique Campaign. But there would be heavy overlap with the Burgundians’ Flemish militia.

The bayan temur campaign is about it. You can try.