DLC for family accounts

Hi All,

I can see that the DLC only applies to the main account on steam, not for family members.
Now I am willing to pay for the DLC on the family accounts but I have not found a way to do so. When I try to buy it, steam comes back saying I do not have the main game installed (which is correct on the ot her accounts).

what I am not willing to do is pay for the game + DLC on both family accounts, that would be a bit too much.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


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If the other family account have borrowed the game from you, they should be able to get the DLC. On the other hand, if they boughtthe game, you can share them just the dlc. Anyway, in the family sharing menu, you have the option to active the sharing dlc. Try to. It worked for me

I bought the DLC on the main account but both other accounts do not have access to it, nor do I see an option in steam to share it. Buying does not work because the other accouts do not have the main game installed.

What you are suggesting does not work.

I don’t know what the difference is with your setup, but it’s working for me. I bought the game and DLC on one account, and if I log in with a different account that I have enabled for family sharing, it can run the game with the DLC. I tried playing a single player game on that other account with the new civs, and it works.

If you right click on the game in your Steam library using the account that doesn’t own it, choose properties, and select DLC on the left, what do you see? I see the DLC listed and the checkbox checked.

Well, it works now without me making any changes. I have to say last time I tried was on Wednesday and t hen the new civs were locked as if I did not have the DLC.


It didn’t work before, because it was an early access because of the pre-order.


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