DLC Idea - Empires of Persia

Existing civs:


During one point in time, the Sasanian dynasty was one of the most powerful empires in Persia. They were at war with the Byzantines, while they had to resist nomads from the eastern border, and were eventually toppled by Muslim invaders.

The UU and bonuses shall be the same as it is. Btw, I was thinking what if they have Sogdian Cataphract as a second UU?

New Civs


AKA White Huns. They are some of the fiercest nomads that no one should mess with. Threatened the eastern Persian border, but were wiped out by the Persian-Gokturk alliance.

Unique Unit:
Grivpanvar - Cavalry archer unit whose arrow ignores armor.


They can represent the Safavid dynasty and part of the Timurid dynasty.

Unique Unit:

  1. Ghazi Horselord - Camel unit that regenerates nearby mounted units attack at a certain radius.
  2. Purbiya - mercenary cavalry unit that can be trained in allied stables. Small attack bonus vs unique units.

A little bit weird imo considering the Safavids came from the Western part of Iran and Afghans are in the East. I’d rather have a trully Afghan civ representing dynasties such as the Ghorids and the Suri.

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Not convinced of these particulars but I’d love more Persian/Caucasus/Central Asia civs and I think the re-work of the Persians is going to be something vaguely like dynasties of India. Idk if Persians themselves are going to be renamed but definitely think Persia is going to be the linchpin of the next dlc

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Isnt this a rajput unit?

If the Afghan UU isn’t the Zamburak, I’m not playing the civ. Zamburaks are cool, man! I actually came up with an Afghan civ concept specifically so Zamburaks could be in the game.

A bit too late for the AoE2 timeline imo

But I guess a camel conq wouldn’t be the weirdest or most historically innacurate in the game by a longshot lol

Afghans are represented by Hindustanis. White Huns/Gokturks can be represented by any of Cumans, Huns, Tatars, or even Magyars.


It’s actually not. It first came on the scene in the 1500s, which is the tail end of the timeline, but still within. Regardless, the Zamburak is such an awesome unit that it wouldn’t matter a whole lot anyway.

Every single civ we could add could be represented by another one. We even have a historical battle with inuits represented as Vikings and North American Natives as Celts.

I always thought they were earlier viking settlers in greenland.

Ah! Makes sense, actually…

I think they could get a split as well actually. Along with Dravidians obviously.


Anyway, I was thinking Sogdians could become their own civ, though for all I know they’d be more of a Hindustani split than a Persian one