DLC idea: non-European units skin pack

I know that there are already mods which can do that. But those mods are all based on units which are only playable in campaign. Mods usually don’t include any new units since you’d need to do 3D models of them. Also there currently just arent enough models ingame to find a non-EU replacement for every unit. In addition, you can’t play in multiplayer with these mods.

This DLC would be strictly optional for people who, like me, are fed up with recruiting European-looking swordmen or pikemen as Aztecs or Chinese. New modeling work would be required since we need a variant for every age and there currently aren’t enough models ingame as stated before.

If work is done nicely and the units fit well into the rest of the game, I am willing to pay for it. Devs, just give it a few thoughts. After all, this game has a relatively large community and there’s a lot of opportunity you’re missing out. But just to be clear: I don’t want an ingame shop where you can buy skins separately for horrendous prices. That would be a no-go.

Of course a free mod would be even better but everyone should be rewarded for their work.


You can if you are the host though, and ask the players to use the mod

I don’t know if would be beneficial to have inconsistent military units models to represent the same unit togheter on a battleground. This could lead to much confusion very easily.

However, there are some other units that I agree in having some ethnic diversity along civilizations, like villagers.

Hence it should be optional. Really only if the user wants it. And I am will to accept this disadvantage.

I am aware of that but I don’t wanna force other players into confusion.

Even being optional, it’s just a thing that doesn’t match the design philosophy of the game.

Also, look after civ unique skin mod and check if you like it.

I do like it but again: can’t really use it in multiplayer. That’s probably something they need to change since in HD edition it was possible to use your own skins.

The ability to use the mod is ranked is a must. Come on devs. Could we get a response on this?

Not a data mod. You have to remember you need others to have that mod in order to play

But can’t textures been put in a way that is not a data mod? Like, I use the Official christimas graphics stuff and the longer corpse decay mods and they work fine on multilplayer, impacting on my client visuals alone.

I’m not a modder, but my guess is that changing unit textures on a civ by civ basis is not as simple as just changing the look of the unit gamewide with a simple texture/model swap. The author of the unique skin mod likely had to swap out the units entirely in order for it to work, and that’s why it’s considered a data mod.

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You can use the “Visible Corpses” mod made by the same person and is not a data mod

At present it requires a data mod to tell the game not to use the same art for the same units. The problem with making it the default that different civs have different art is that it would (at least the way it works now) require duplicate files for as many regions as we want, so it would blow up the size of the game. A workaround for this issue has been proposed though and never got an official response.


I can see the cumbers on making this…

Well, at least a mod to a sole civ at time still possible, right? Like, “get this one checked on if you wish to play aztecs and have a unique skin pack for them”. But I guess enemy units would still modify as well. Uhmmm pretty troubled, it seems…

Yeah, thats the one I use, from Yorok0.