DLC Lord of the West - 2 New Civs

Agree that they could have been more conservative, though as seen on the announcement post, a lot might change still.

They both don’t have a Team bonus yet either.


I love how you just casually insult the majority of the community and act as if they weren’t here from the beginning. I know plenty of SP people who were here at launch and through until now, and going forward, there is something like 400k people who have attempted at least one game of Multiplayer.
DE has sold between 2 and 5 million copies on steam alone, which means at best 20% of the community has ATTEMPTED some form of Multiplayer, and that is assuming microsoft store has zero copies sold, which is highly unlikely.


I called it that there would be more civs even when they stated “there will not be anymore civs”, but I predicted 5-8 years instead of 1. The greed is real 11. I still can’t believe they are making 2 civs that are basically already in the game. AOE2 has predominantly made umbrella civs which there is nothing wrong with but now they are making civs under an umbrella civ which ruins the game design.There are so many more areas that don’t have any representation which would keep their umbrella civ design and they do this?! Now people have the right to demand 5 Indian civs and 5 Chinese civs since they opened this can of worms.

I have played this game moslty as a multiplayer, and I find it simply amazing. I always have a ton of fun with others when playing it, the players are really nice when talking and the balance is quite nice.

I really do not know why you think we are “losing the game”, I still find it amazing as when it was launched. And when you think that it is still getting new content, we should be really happy about it. Balance will come, better pathfinding too, and the bugs will be gone too. Let’s give the devs our complete support, they deserve it.


Seriously most of the tryhards from the MP community and their negative exaggerated comments are cringe which reeks of manchild. I’m thankful that TheViper, Hera, dogao and the rest of the pro scene are just cautiously aware, calm and actually excited to see new mechanics in the game. They’re truly the exemplar of professionalism and responsible adults.

I think most people buy and play AoE 2 for their quality campaigns and civs. As for me part of the SP community, the campaigns in AoE 2 are one of the most replayable I’ve played in any game franchise besides Warcraft and Starcraft. I see myself and other dedicated SP players not leaving after “finishing single player games” while there are thousand of ways to complete the campaigns and enjoy the custom campaigns done by the modders. Don’t forget it was the Forgotten Empires (a team of modders) who actually help the game stay alive.


i mean i have things i’m concerned about with these new civs, but frankly sou and his friends are way over the top, acting as if it will take 6 months to even attempt fixes when literally DE was live for like a month before the SL was nerfed.


SP are the guys who have always been more compared to MP, but the difference is that MP has kept the game alive and competitive, without that this game would be just like aoe1, aom and aoe3.

All the positive changes, moddding and tweaks to the game have always been for MP, if you have got UP changes are because of that community, if microsoft wants to sell more they should have focused on SP content like campaigns, unit re skin, idk, but messing with the MP is bad, they did it with the HD with -noob- changes and that divided the community and there is the possibility to repeat that, cause you know history is just a cycle.

And yea the balance changes are going to be every 4 months, in fact there wont be december patch(bug fixing) cause they are delaying everything for the next dlc, to me the game is still unplayable and for several others.

If they can’t even fix the game from previous broken patch, why do you even think they will fix the 2 broken civs after one month, if SL got nerfed was because it was pushed by all streamers/influencers and pro players and it was evident in tournaments, lucky for the devs the world cup was played with the old patch otherwise it would have been a huge disaster.

Microsoft killed the game back at 2006, they can kill this one anytime by removing the server support, the SP community wouldn’t even move a finger for the game, so yeah MP is the most important community for the sake of this game despite the sales.

And just to show you how little they really care for SP community, they promised to keep the support and patches for the HD versions and guess what it was abandoned.


Well, I guess the game is not fixed for you, because many of the issues of these games were fixed.

Some remain, true, but saying that no support was provided is the typical example of entitled gamers.

They have no other backup defense for their claims, as you can see

That’s literally wrong, they said before launch that HD was gonna be left behind. Idk where you got that

You do realize this OP on launch has always been the case for all the DLCs of all the AOE2 versions?


he brain dumped the 20 years of Huns, Aztecs and Mayans being overpowered civilizations.



I’d much prefer Canadians. Their UT Maple Syrup will slowly send all their resources to all enemy teams and will make them resign right after all their resources are depleted with the phrase “We’re sorry”. But don’t ■■■■ em off by comparing them to Americans or else they’ll attack you with their dark age UU army of highly intelligent mutant grizzlys than can shoot laser out of their eyes. (much more improved 8K UHD iteration the AOM version)

By that logic a lot of civs will have to be either renamed or split up because they using an umbrella term. I think this is one problem all games with historical factions eventually run into because our histories are so convoluted. Compared to games like RON with all modern nation as factions and CnC with just 3 sci-fi factions and BFMI with 4-5 fantasy factions but only 2 opposing have an edge over historical rts games like AOE.

On that note I am planning to develop a game with every modern racial, religious and political factions. Anyone interested? It will be called Love and Peace. :sparkling_heart: :hugs:

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And why should we repeat the same mistakes then? In my opinion 35 civs are fine, even now some of the civs could be made more unique, interesting and balanced, yet now the devs will spend their time and effort into fixing the Burgundians.

While I agree with you that the esports aspect of the game is relatively new, they should care for both single- and multiplayers. Especially with the big tournaments this year, the game got the attention it deserves and we singleplayers also profit from that. I’m a true singleplayer and I couldn’t be happier with the fact that we get two new civs and probably more in the future. At the same time I love watching tournaments and competitive play in general. The multiplayer community is one of the reasons why this game got so much love and attention and therefore both communities should be cared about equally.

That’s why we’re also getting new civs and campaigns. What’s more exciting for both SP and MP than that.

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This is not a mistake, but a simple marketing technique.

Again, no video game in history has made everyone satisfied. The majority wanted a DLC and they got one


I guess so, but still a bad one, I don’t think that even players who play the OP civs will be satisfied with them.

Yeah, I’m not trying to mark my opinion as the only good one, just my thoughts on the matter.


I don’t believe people will buy the DLC just for the OP civs, but for the simple reason of having 2 extra civs and a few new campaigns

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@JonOli12 Iroquois were not very important before XVII century,but they established in Ohio Valley around 1142 CE.Maybe if the devs put them with the Mississipians,it could possibly works…The campaign for the Iroquois maybe could be around the Song of Hiawatha (the foundation of the Haudenosaunee League and his encounters with the French (1534-1595)…the rest of civs is fine…

What is this delusion of yours that “modding” have always been for MP? Most of the great mods are the custom campaigns and scenarios intended for SP. Yes that’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to do by selling more campaigns with the bonus of extra civs.

One more thing stop being a rude person claiming that MP as the “most important community” because without the SP, it will only be MP not an AoE 2 community. It was Voobly that saved the game’s MP during those time.

For the tryhards in the MP community, it’s the armageddon when adding a “not final” civs. I saw their negativity in all other forums from reddit to aoezone.




What does this even mean? It’s my fault the game stutters in MP for me, is that what you are saying? That because the game does maybe work for you (something I seriously doubt) it means it’s on my end why it isn’t working? Well, good for you that the game runs well with you! BRAVO! BRAVO! You are the only one playing AoE maybe? What kind of an argument is that? Then somehow I am the “entitled gamer” for whatever that might mean. I never said support was not provided, merely it was inadequate and nonfunctional. Pathing is STILL an issue, crashes are STILL there, animation stutters on a 2080ti with 32GB of RAM and an i7 8700k @ 4.9GHz are STILL there.

But I guess because the game works for you and you only, there is zero problem.

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