Dear developers! I’m playing on Xbox Series X. I bought your DLC The Sultans Ascend! And I can’t play!

The reason is that I have 2 accounts! I buy games and add-ons to games from one account, and I play from another! The problem is that I’ve never had a problem with it. Never before! Only after I bought your DLC! I can only play your DLC from the account I bought! From the account I’m playing, I just can’t see dls. There have never been any problems in other games and with other add-ons! I have a home console!

The support replied that there is no “Game Share” yet. I don’t know what it is. I have 100+ games purchased and 40+ DLC. Why exactly does your game have a problem with this? And will you solve this problem somehow?

Are there any developers here?

no admins here !!!

Hi, i too am experirencing the same issue. We have 2x Xbox X’s one for each person but one is my “home” console so my wife can use all the same games/dlc. Works fine for everything else just not the dlc. Tried unistaliing and reinstalling, works ok on my wifes xbox when i sign in but not her account.

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Will they fix it? They just don’t say anything.