DLC Release Estimates

Not sure if this is common knowledge but the Xbox website shows the Chinese mythology DLC (Expansion One) is coming this year and the unannounced pantheon DLC (Expansion Two) is coming next year. It’s the only place I have seen so far with this info.


That’s interesting. If this is true, then it’s how I expected them to release the two expansions.

well thats how i predicted it. and some called me “too optimistic” pff :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh they updated the website?

AoMR releases in August (The September date is fake) so getting the first DLC by the end of the year is not too crazy.

I wouldn’t be as optimistic to expect the 2nd DLC to be release in early 2025 but maybe both DLCs have been in preproduction for a while.


I think it’s very difficult for them to release two DLCs in a year (At least one at the beginning and one at the end, but I think that breaks the calendar)
As the Chinese have been part of the game before (even if through a dlc), I think it makes sense for them to come later this year, maybe around December/mid-November (Maybe announcing them with a trailer during Red Bull Wololo in October, which will have an AoM:R championship)
Then maybe expansion 2 will come around the middle of next year

Unless the Chinese DLC will premiere with the game’s launch on September 4.

I feel like the Chinese where planned for the base game but they run into issues so they decided to make them a DLC that is included in the Premium Edition instead of delaying the release.
Maybe the 2nd DLC civ was also originally planned for the base game.


I doubt this because if this was the case they would just promote the Chinese along with all other pantheons that comes at launch.

If it is true Chinese pantheon will be released sometime later in this year after the game launch that will make me happy.

as i said hehe but you called me too optimstic :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe… (20 characters)

December is my guess

What if a Judo practitioner starts a major conflict before then?

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Those dates are planned dates not guaranteed days.

For example if there are issues on release they will likely focus on fixing them and then delay the DLC.

There is a reason why they only have years and not exact dates.

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Yes, it will be like AoE 3 when it came out that had a dlc every 6 months (April-USA, August-TAR, December-Mexico)… in this case it will be Chinese dlc for AoM and Baltic dlc for AoE 3 in December and then other dlcs for both games next year…

Yes, it makes sense because there are no images from the Chinese yet, it’s like when they had in mind to put TLK for 2 HD and they delayed it to put it in 2 DE…

We make a bunker in our rooms and play the game (and also some Fallout xd)…

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Yes. For those purchasing the Premium Edition, knowing approximately when to expect the DLCs is helpful even if it’s subject to change.

Never denied that.
I’m happy to hear that the Chinese are already planned for this year.

Hyped to try them out. I hope some of the units and concepts from the old Chinese civ are still there because there where some cool ideas.


Are you serious? Only the garden was a decent idea, the rest was just straight-up garbage designed and created to cut corners and thus saving money, aside from that there wasn’t any real concept ‘involved’ in the making of that pile of garbage.

I read the original civ concept made by Forgotten Empires and it had really cool ideas such as rice, more unique mechanics etc., but sadly it has never seen that day of life yet.


I know the assets where almost completely recycled but some of the units and mechanics where nice.

I liked their cavalry units (conceptually)

  • Cataphract as counter Infantry Cavalry
  • Mounted Archers as counter Cavalry archer
  • General that boosts nearby units

Some units where stupid and out of place like:

  • Chu Ko Nu (where are the normal crossbows?)
  • Fire Lance (that’s a late medieval gunpowder unit!)

I didn’t even really like the gardens. Just passively trickling the resource you want (Favour included) is just kinda like Egyptian monuments but different.

Most of the Myth units where pretty badly made but at last they picked some cool ones and had some cool ideas.
Amphibian Myth units are cool.
I particularly like the Terracotta Warriors. I just like smaller “trash” myth units because they are something different compared to all those big and strong myth units.

But I like the ideas not the implementation at the end.

Dont try to be historical with AoM, you’re playing bronze age egyptians vs classical greek vs medieval vikings