Dlcs and deluxe edition

if I buy deluxe edition update now can I get dlcs free in the future?
which edition should I buy?

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The Deluxe edition just gives you the soundtrack, some artwork, an in-game monument for your town center and I think an in-game portrait.

It has nothing to do with future DLCs.

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The Deluxe edition gives you whatever it currently advertises as giving you. No guarantees if it’ll also give you future DLCs. I believe the Mali/Ottoman DLCs were given free to all of us as a gesture of celebration of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. I don’t believe future DLCs will be free.

If you’re thinking of getting the deluxe edition now solely in hopes of free DLCs in future, I suggest you go for the regular version instead. Unless you don’t mind paying more to support the devs of such an awesome game.