Do additional achievements give you the maximum difficulty in the campaign?

I know for sure that an achievement in steam is given for completing any campaign, but will they give me a second achievement for maximum difficulty? Does it make sense to plow?

Thank you, friend

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No, it doesn’t matter which difficulty you play on, for completing the campaign (achievements). There’s only one achievement, regardless of difficulty level.

Of course, playing the campaign again at a harder difficulty is a good experience, even if you don’t get additional recognition.


Thanks for the explanation)

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This is accurate. I couldn’t find any awards or commendations for completing the campaign on Hard. Everything is achievable, including the achievements, on the lower difficulties.

There really needs to be an achievement and even an icon and banner and all these things that we can get that i dont really know what is because I havent looked at it, for beating all on hard. I need to be able to quickly and efficiently show my friends my superiority in aoe4 and lets be honest in life in general. Now I have to text them everyday instead saying "oh btw i beat campaign on hard, what did you play it on again? "


/- “oh… cool… well we all start somewhere, no worries”

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StarCraft II had achievements and profile rewards for completing the campaigns on the hardest difficulty. I would also appreciate it in Age of Empires 4. I would give me the motivation to replay the campaign :slight_smile:

Man I just finished the Wallingford level on English campaign at max. difficulty, it was hard af and it crossed my mind if there was an achievement for playing the campaings on hard which there is not. I think there should be achievement for each campaign, or a banner or something.

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