Do devs forget to add the Maltanese card "Italian Tougue"?

Look what I found when i try to arrange the hotkeys. Devs already made it availible in hotkey setting but somehow forget to add as a card?


Hi @Snowisch :smiley:

This card was depreciated towards the end of development, meaning it was decided the card wouldn’t be published.

Tongue cards also unlock Order Units at the Fort, as well as at the commandery. And to many units unlocked pushes the Fort’s homecity buttons down into a row which doesn’t exist so they cannot be used. Also, Schiavoni (the unique Italian unit unlocked) is usually difficult to obtain as it must be shipped from the Basilica when playing as the Italians. So it didn’t feel entirely fair to make such a powerful specialized counter unit directly available/trainable to the Maltese.


Thank you so much for the reply.

But, come on, The Italian Tougue Card and Schiavoni are such good ideas, there must be a way to keep them without balance issues.
One idea i can come up with now is make Maltanese schiavoni have the exactly same way to produce them as Italians’, which means they are not trianed at commanderies or forts but shipped from church.

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Hi @InterjectionAOE, there are plans in the future to add to the code the 8 “NatMerc” versions of the royal houses native units that are missing? (For example, if the “deNatLineInfantry” is the trading post version, then the “deNatMercLineInfantry” would be the version of the unit that is delivered by shipments & technologies). I’m asking this because I need them for my modding projects, and I found references to them in the “techtreey.xml”, but they are missing in the “protoy.xml”. I can add them by myself, but I’m somewhat lazy to do that, so I ask just in case. If the answer is a simple “no”, I’m fine with that.