Do Folwarks also give 10% food back of reseeding farms?

And if the answer is yes… Might it be better to delay the Horse Collar upgrade if you’re going for feudel play?

Yes for every reseed farm 10% of the farms’ food goes to the stockpile. not sure if delaying horse collar is always needed, for a scout rush, horse collar then is a must I think, for Men at Arms-Archers then delaying it.

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If you research horse collar you will get more instant food for eaech farm, so it makes more sense to click the upgrade :slight_smile:


Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

Still not 100% convinced to always go for Horse Collar.
Wouldn’t you prefer 60 food directly in the bank over +75 food that needs to still be gathered by a villager? In a way this Polish bonus speeds up the food-collecting. But by having your farm have more food, you sort of diminish it.

In 1v1 I play quite a bit of Man at Arms + tower push. I guess for less kamikaze-style of play, you’d prefer the wood that Horse Collar saves as well…

your farms will last longer if you make research so you will save more wood.