Do I have enough memory

I played all the AoE games from the past. Wanted to download play 2DE to relive the fun I once had. The computer I have access to at the moment lists video memory as TOTAL AVAILABLE 1792MB and DEDICATED 32MB and SHARED 1760MB. All other system benchmarks I am well over the min/recommended - but this one has me concerned.


This is less then 2 GB, which is pretty low. I think too low.

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Good enough. How much is your ram? what type? newest? and your cpu clock?

Processor - Intel i5 3.2 GHz
RAM 16.GB - DIMM - 1600 MHz
Windows 10

flying man, you will be flying but many are reporting lag issues on the new patch.

4GB will run the game. 8GB will let you play… barely