Do people who vote for the map pool actually play in ranked?

I am starting this topic because we quite often talk how most of the users here prefer the single player expereience whyle AoeZone forum is focused around multiplayer and the competative side of the game.

This is not completely true ofc as everyone is different and I understand it is an exaggeration. Despite that for the most part there is truth in that. Here much more people discuss new DLC options with more civs and campaigns while the other forum is mostly focused in requesting bug fixes, multiplayer and performance improvements.

At the same time we have the maps for the ranked map pool voted here. Ofc this is logical as this is the official forum. But I fear it is quite a lot of people who do not play ranked games regularly if ever who at the same time vote for the map pool. I am not accusing anyone here as it is the most natural thing to do when you are asked about something you go and give your opinion. At the same time I can regularly see map choices who hardly any MP community mmber would like to play. Have in mind most players who play in Rank are not the average streamer you might be following. Most people are “plebs” like mysewlf and some of these maps are very hard to play if you are not at least an advanced player.

Please answer the question in the poll and try to be honest. I have no concern in people who do not answer in those map pool polls. But those who do answer there do you play regularly?

I hate the devision between SP and MP players because I think is anybodies choice and the best option is to do both :slight_smile: But I do think thesew map pool polls should be left entirely to the MP community.

  • I play in the ranked queue regularly and I vote in the map polls.
  • I don’t play in the ranked queue regularly but I do vote in the map polls

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Where is the option, “I play ranked and I don’t know about this voting system as I am never notified about that in-game”?


Thats probably the next question why we dont have that :slight_smile:

Interesting poll and observations. Out of curiosity, I have a few questions.

Can you give examples? I believe most people agree that maps get voted in that hardly anyone in their right mind would want to play, but I do think they disagree on what those maps are. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the problem with that? If it is hard to play for you, then so it is for your opponent.


Best option will be tot have the poll ingame and only for people with at least one ranked game in the last two weeks.

Even while i think many voters do play ranked, it is still a small portion of all ranked players. I dont think most members here are not a ‘average’ player, so the current polls are not always representative for all ranked players.



I am not very good at remembering things but for example highlands what we have in the poll now is a good example. With the river between the players it often leads to them both shutting down any offence on the shallows while any chance to surpise the enemy is an early sneak with a boat on the other side. If that doesnt work you are up for a long 2h game until the wood starts to run out on the map. Even 1v1 Black forest is better because you could push with a lot of siege or cut. On Highlands you have a choke point with both land and water units with few demo ships you sink anything trying to pass. Even having water control doesnt help much because if you overeinvest there you cant push with land units as you run out of population space. On the other hand it is easy to go back on water as its a long river but also narrow. Putting down a castle or towers o your side you can always put down few docks and try to reclaim water esp after your opponent tries not to overinvested there.

Another map in the pool right now Golden Rush while not that bad is one of the less good “all gold in the middle maps” you could have. Having the gold in the middle and on a Hill makes it very hard to push your opponent out of there. Ofc there is the strategy of the map but in contrast on Golden Pit you have the defender in a lower ground not on a higher you can calculate when you would have the upper hand to push or how to defend the center of the map.

The Amazon Tunel map which is leading in the TG pool is another version of Black forest but having only one choke. We could make argument for Michi or Forest nothing to be fun but these are not for competative modes and ranked play. On top of that its also most resources in the middle map what makes it even more campy something that we discussed with Golden Rush.

Now going to the other point why is it a problem for lower elo if the map is harder to play. There are two main reasons here. First one is multitasking. Average and lower elo players cant do multiple things at the same time. Having to play two TC start map like Budapest is a nightmare when you hardly can deal with not idling 1 TC. Also in that level you are mostly working on your basics. This means buildorder what normally require standard resources, knowledge of the civilisations ( we now have 37), decision making ( what unit to make against what the opponent is doing ) etc. On these maps if you try to do too many things at the same time it just leads to even worse gamepaly frustration and harly learning anything about the basics. Ofc you learn about the map so you have an edge over the oponent but I am talking about other priorities. Wey too often low Elo games on these maps turn from what is supposed to be an interesting balanced game into a landslide victory for one of the palyers.

Another type of maps that are not that great are maps with alot of same resuorce ( a lot of hunt or too much fishing or beries or relics). These maps while looking like fun completely ruin the balance of the game and make only one or two civs viable. This leads to alot of civ wins and mirror matches. And unlike in tournaments i ranked there are no civ drafts and bans. You are most likely going to face the one civ that is completely dominating this map and if you wnt to hve a chance have to pick it too. If both players go random could lead to completely unbalanced game.

You assuming that noone would vote on a map noone wants to play is completely logical. But my feeling is that alot of people who vote do not play ranked. If they see map close to michi for example they think is good option because they play michi in a lobby with friends. But people plying ranked do not want and dont have the time to spend 2h on a game and loose because of weaker civ or a cut somewhere. They would rather loose 4 fast games in that time. Also some maps look like fun on a first glance but having to play them is completely different experience. So my assumption is not that people vote maps they dont like but I think there are alot of players who dont play MP or if they do they only play lobbies with friends where ofthen the aim is to have fewer but longer games where you build up your eco make huge armies and than clash. Or other group of peolple who watch streamers and tounaments and see experts perform on very hard setting making great strategies but do not realise those are a nightmare for a random 800 or a 1000 ELO dude.

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Your feeling is right, no one who likes to play competitive would vote for a map that is not competitive given how unfair or boring to play it is.

Also if they would play those maps they would know by experience how much are those maps hated and how often you will find with early quitters, meaning they wouldn’t vote for them knowing the consequences.


I had a temptation to vote, despite not playing ranked, but I resisted it.

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I dont think single players will ever vote on those polls, they are really busy fantasizing new dlcs and new civs, and frankly i dont think they care too much about map generations or playing multiplayer at all.

Agree that this polls should be ingame, the “news” section could have it.

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I vote on maps I want to watch tournaments in, which is why everyone gets to vote.


Why do you think that affects the choice of tournament maps? Most of them are either arabia, arena, nomad or custom maps anyways.


Why do you guys think that it should only be people who play in the ranked pool who vote for ranked maps? It seems the poll is addressed to the entire community. People who don’t play in the ranked pool might prefer to spectate certain maps (especially among the low to mid elo range), and it might be a greater enjoyment to a greater number of people if their maps get upvoted.

I play in the ranked pool regularly, but when I vote for maps, I don’t think “what map would I want to play?”; I think “what map would I want to spectate other people at my level playing?”, because there are a lot more games that I don’t play in, that I can spectate, than games I have time to play in. And at the same time, I’m willing to play those maps if they result in more entertaining replays and spectating.

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