Do the ages still have a CHRONOLOGICAL meaning?

Or is the evolution merely technological now?

Because in the last video we can see Dark Age English with a gothic church and high medieval looking warriors :thinking:
(Dark Ages refer to the early middle ages, while gothic architecture appeared in the 12th century, as well as heater shields, etc. which fall into the Castle Age)

They are explicitly chronological now because the language of your units will evolve as you age up. So each age will be tied to a specific time period for each civ.

This is actually the inverse of how it was done in AoE2. Age’s were more abstract there and tied just as much to infrastructural development as it did to a time period. So for example a small town could still be in ‘feudal age’ even if it was the 1300s because that was the stage of it’s development, while a big city like Constantinople would be in the Imperial Age in the 500s due to it’s advanced infrastructure.

Thanks for clarification. I assume the English start the game in the 1100s then.

you can’t just label the English civ specifically starting in the 1100’s - The Dark Age of the English ranged from 500 AD to 1066AD (Important date as this ties in with the Campaign and actual history) and the buildings/ language will be represented as outlined by @GepardenKalle.

The medieval looking warriors you mention are men at arms which are available to the English earlier than other civs:

Sure but why the hell do they have a gothic church in Dark Age then?
As to the “men at arms”, they could have given them a proper early medieval look for Dark Age.

Which building are you refering to specifically? Can you drop a screenshot?

Im already going to assume its the landmark building which is part of the age up mechanic where you can see once built the English progress from the Dark Age to the Feudal age.

Because that’s what they build to advance into the Feudal Age.

I don’t get why they have heater shields. In AoE2 they had kite shields and so does the Feudal Age cavalry, so why don’t they have kite shields too?
Kite shields are awesome!


My bad, the church is actually a romanesque one so failed that it looks like a gothic one. All is wrong within it. A good romanesque church would have been perfect though.

I totally agree. However in Dark Age round shields would be more appropriate.

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I actually feel it is going to have more chronological meaning than any other previous games. Like in AOE2 all civs only have club boys in the Dark Age and that’s definitely more of a “level 1 developmental phase” than the actual dark age.

I feel like “Dark Age” in AoE4 is supposed to be later than we normally think of but still the historic progression Round → Kite → Heater shield would be nice to visualise unit upgrades.
If there is a separate shield upgrade at the Blacksmith that would be perfect.

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You are probably right, I wish it wasn’t as that the devs obviously don’t pay a lot of attention to historical evolution.

I’m also under the impression that it lies a bit later than the actual “Dark Ages”, which is a bit of shame as I’d have liked the Anglo-Saxon era to be portrayed.