Do we really need AoE 4?

I wish in the name of all thats good, that they did exactly this… i need a game like the one you described in my life, i’ve thought of it on my own before seeing this forum, one can only dreeeeaaaammm…

Using newest technology, the era of AOE2, the unique civs design and gameplay as AOE3.That will be perfect AOE4.

I personally would love them going back to the Ancient times or even medieval age as that’s the iconic image of what Age of Empires is in my opinion. We’ve enough of WW2 or modern warfare RTS out there and it wouldn’t suit a game like Age of Empires.

Also having multiple ages such a stone age to future age reminds me a lot of Empire earth which I don’t want to see happen with Age of Empires. Keep this franchise of what it’s best at, AoE 1 and 2 are the best examples of it.

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Also I still wonder how they want to do it.

Company of Heroes is a complete opposite for Age of Empires gameplay.
They basically have to make here a game, that has no connection to work they had before.

I think it’s heavily depends on what they will actually do.

Company of Heroes and Age of Empires hybrid sounds awful.
Pure Age of Empires is only possible in old times.

Company of Heroes is not a good base build/economy RTS,
simply because it’s about keep people alive and repair some expensive units,
while AoE is about growing your base and send out larger and bigger waves of units.

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We need AoE 4, but I don’t think we will get an actual AoE4.

I think the most bizarre thing is, nobody is expecting the game to actually turn out good. There are a lot of scenarios, but the very unlikely is to have a game, that does continue what AoE started.

I kind of expect them to repeat mistakes of Age of Empires III, where they rather focused on Units, instead of Buildings. Age of Empires 2 did very well balance base build and units, while both are reliable, non is overpowered to make another redundant. By overpowering certain aspects, it simply makes the RTS games one sided and taking out the main gameplay element, to outsmart your enemy. If favour is very big into one way to play the game, it simply makes game to be play faster, not smarter.

In fact,the gameplay of AOE3 is much smarter than AOE2

AOE3 wasnt a smart game, you had this imba card system, so the longer you played the more imba cards you had. You could simply activate your imba cards to get 20 units while your enemy could not get any units. You could simply activate your imba cards to get 1000 gold, while your enemy just 300.

And play wise it was quite dumber, just 3 types of resources instead of 4.

And you did send just blobs of shooting units by AoE3, in AOE2 you could see way more unit types.

And naval combat was almost non existent by AoE3, in AoE2 you need it for food, so you had there more often naval interactions.

Of course a smart game should happen between two players have same city level. So yes
city level is a bad idea. I agree with you about this.
When two players have same city level, the game will be much more smarter than AOE2.Although the kind of resources is 3 instead of 4, the kind of army、technology、 building and map elements are much more various than AOE2.Same civ can use hundreds of different tactics. The gameplay do need creative brain.Sometimes,a nativevillian can change whole game.That’s really amazing.

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I would like to have 4 ressources or more. It gives some gameplay strategie.

Sometimes a rush food and wood is enought to win, sometimes it’s better to secure the late game …

I like in AOE 3 the card gameplay but it shouldn’t be blocked by the city level… i allows rush or peel for the late game. It permits to compensate or renforce your civilisation skills.

Something i find boring in AOE2 it’s the wall strat, i mean lot of people cover the map with walls… and in early it’s pretty hard to break them all. If civilisation designed for early rush could have some abilities or card to improove their demolition skills it could be great…

Also, you gavf me an idea. If a civilisation change without any combat they win an advantage in science (+1500 food and 1 research free) otherwise in war (units have 15 hp and attacks with +5dmg) or religious bonus (for christian +25% against musulman and -25% against christian during crusade). I also liked the bonus for new age in aoe 3 (more wood or units )
So for each type of victory you should have to choose the way you play

I forgot something…

I would like to begin the game in early médiéval and finished it in the late colonial age.

Someone told that some civilisation could have mobile town center and i think that’s great. Imagine you bearly survive at 1 attack you just have to moove on the map to win time

And why not gestion of amunition ? Covering archers on wall… so much to do

Personally I think that AoE3 is the worst of the series. The card system is something I do not want to see in AoE4. AoE1-2 and Mythology are way better.

I also hope they do not try to follow the path of CoH or any of their games. AoE is AoE and that’s what we expect a new fresh AoE like-wise AoE1-2.

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AoE DE II 2.0 with worst graphics. Or textures.

So constructive. I got your point of view :wink: Just reply someone else and not me I’m bored to read your “I do not like the graphic/era” and as I said many times for me it look gorgeus.

People have our opinions and we don’t try to convince anyone, as you can see I’m not the only one and I don’t let myself be carried away by nostalgia or unreal arguments.

I think what I see, as a graphic artist that I am I give you a different opinion of merely applauding a game for being an AoE.

I give you a different opinion of merely applauding a game for being an AoE.

Do not insinuating stupid things. None said the graphic is good only beacuse it’s AoE. This is rude. People here are judging the graphic, eras and playstyle. So you are just expecting something different from others but this does not means that’s bad. You are prolly more oriented to games like total war which are more realistic.

Take a look to Albion Online, I played that game for over 3 years since alpha-early access and to be honest I loved that easy graphic.

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and @Lionkanzentai, we must respect opinions of each other. We should all end our conversation with this: Whether you like the Age IV graphics or not-- good for you :+1:

Now let Relic know what kind of gameplay we want. Graphics are set, there is no going backwards, and if we continue to fight over aesthetics, there will be no winners. Age community thrives in togetherness. We are not bloody 10 year olds. We are all old, we should act according to our age.

You can’t decide that. Please dont take it personal, if my opinion hurting to you tell me and I will stop offending with my real opinion. But stop personal attacks.

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