Do we really need AoE 4?

Lets face it guys, even us fans dont know what next instalment should be. WW2 or maybe something different.

But how about…

REMAKING AoE 2 with todays technology instead? Add some extras like cards from AoE 3 to make each country unique in gameplay and thats it. Money will flow, really no need to look far.

At least I hope AoE 1 remaster outcome derailed your further remastering ambitions. Waste of time and resources.


Even though we debate the historical timeline, there is agreement on the fundamentals.

It is safe to assume the goal for AoE II: DE is to bring the graphics and soundtrack up to modern standards.

Even though AoE II is the most popular Age game that does not mean that AoE IV should be a clone of AoE II. Fans of all the other Age games are looking forward to AoE IV and hoping for something that brings the whole community together.

The community team confirmed on the stream today that AoE II: DE is still coming. Whether or not the DE releases are a waste of time and resources is for Microsoft to decide because it is spending the time and resources.


I am not saying AoE 4 have to be a clone of AoE 2. I am saying fans would be just as happy with completely remade AoE 2. Not remastered, dont confuse these 2 terms.

I am sure at some point devs will make up their mind on what next AoE 4 should be, but I think remaking AoE 2 for now will be a wiser choice.

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On the subject of AoE IV you said instead of making it something new why not make AoE IV a remade AoE II. I’m sorry but that is the definition of a clone.


I think what the guy wants is an AoE4 placed in Medieval Era.


2 things-

  1. AOE 1 DE wasn’t waste of their time or resources. AOE DE’s problem is similar to that of AOE 1. There is no difference between the two. They have just given it a graphical, sound, engine, and interface upgrade. And bug fixing here and there. That’s it, nothing else. They can’t sort the matchmaking problem if the original matchmaking wasn’t good, They have not done full work with original codebase. Minor things only. Please watch their 20 year documentary and numerous article pre-AOEDE release. They clearly said that. but single player been improved by bunch. Just play that alone, it’s all worth it. All they asked for the was $20. Is it a lot. ■■■■ no. For their work, it is under priced. I can give you countless example of classic remaster/definitive editions which are pure cash grab and fanboys just buy them and defend their purchase.
    For AOE DE hit every check mark except 1 or 2, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t abandon others. It will be bad for them, they publicly said that they will do them, and since they already have a bad rep in PC gaming I doubt they will backtrack.
    AOE DE is NOT AOE II. Play AOE DE only for nostalgia reason. Don’t make it your go to age game even though it came out in 2018.

  2. No AOE IV shouldn’t be a AOE II game. Every age game has it’s own identity. Just because some, inc. you, prefer it to be in same setting as Age II, I would actually prefer if they take some risk and let Relic decide where they want to take this installment. Simple. Just let them do their thing. There is no point of arguing. Be supportive for the work sometimes you internet people. It always works out. Trust me.


No. Personally i dont want such thing.

You may not, for your own reasons (?), personally i don’t mind the era at all. If the game is otherwise good all historical periods are fine with me, they have their own interest and juice to offer.

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OP is not saying AOE4 needs to be AOE2 or that AOE4 needs to have a specific timeline, what he is saying is that there is no use for AOE4 at all and the series would be better off if AOE2 was remade from scratch with todays technology and some new additions.

While I don’t really agree with his opinion (I think AOE4 should be a thing), if that was to be the case (remaking AOE2 completely instead) I wouldn’t bring from AOE3 exactly what went wrong with that game as he suggested: cards/leveling up. We all know that didn’t eventually work like intended and now the way to play AOE3 is to install a file that automatically levels up all stuff so you can avoid the grind and be able to start a multiplayer game from equal grounds as the opponent. This kind of progression system just doesn’t work in RTS games unless it’s separate from multiplayer or only involves cosmetics.

Anyway, we all know AOE2: DE is going to be AOE2 and AOE4 is going to be AOE4. But I thought I should criticise the aforementioned leveling up system (grinding for better stuff) once more like I usually do. :wink:


Bassically for some users it need a polish AoE 2 DE , im Not sure if in 3D engine (Bang!) or 2D 4K more polish than genie engine. I’m not big fan of modern era but probably I will test or try.

I think Voobly have better fan base than steam.

Intreseting discussion there is enough room for AoE IV release including the quality of graphics to be raised to Tropico 5/6 styles, map rotation, menu features etc, other creative ideas regarding age advancement and espically the inclusion of World War eras.

You noticed all age of empires are through of eras or ages. thats why the game is called that way.

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Think they shouldnt clone Aoe2, but should look at why AOE2 was such a big success compared to the other parts.
For the ‘‘oldschool’’ AoE people, it might be interesting to see options where u can limit to which ages you progress, so they re-experience the old school feeling.
People are nostalgic, look at the WoW community and the decision to remake Vanilla.

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I believe the only reason I can think of there being a need to bring AOE IV is to cover multiple eras. Whats the point of making a carbon copy of any the previous games? That is the point of a new age of empires game. Go play DE or AOE II if you want the middle ages.

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Because even good things become obsolete and things can be improved and it is best to improve on what works best, just like they did with Starcraft 2. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be a carbon copy. It’s really that simple.

If you think having multiple eras with tanks attacking archers in a diluted experience is what works best for AoE or some modern era just to check your personal list, you are free to wish so, but it’s a malevolent thing for the series.


I do think we do need an AOE4, everyone thought the same about AOE3 and said it couldn’t compete with AOE2 in which I think wasn’t right, I loved AOE2 but I felt that AOE3 far exceeded it in my opinion.

AOE 3 is without doubt my favorite game of all time, the graphics were amazing, the civilizations, honestly I could list for days, I loved the game so much.

I will be buying AOE4 on release date no matter what people review it because AOE3 was so well made and I know it will be a very good game


No, we need a new fresh game with a massive adoption of the new generation.
Top esports RTS with competitive torunaments, leagues and livestream. A game of this generation in technology / people, also its really important that while remastering a game keeps people playing the same game, a new game adopts newcomers, not just casual but aiming to be proplayers of this new game


I agree with the idea of making the best aoe2 remake there is. The only problem is that the nations of aoe2 are to much the same. One of the things that was really cool about aoe3 or aoe online even, is that the nations where really different. It will be harder to balance though, but as long as tournaments are about playing at least 3 different civs etc. That will turn out to be ok.

Besides that we need fast gameplay. Not that 50 minute fight etc., even though it is cool to watch long fights once in a while.

And another thing is that i don’t think the majority of aoe players really liked the card-mechanic of aoe3. I think it is even better to only have age up advisors and a very big amount of meaningful upgrades.

Why only have 1 cav/infantry speed upgrade? Why only have 1 archer range upgrade for archers? Why not have at least 200 upgrades and 10 age up advisors to choose from?

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Well, I guess it’s not all about graphism right ? I mean, there is a big room for improvement in terms of mechanical gamelpay, something to lead AoE to be a more nervous game maybe. There are also many improvements that could be done such as @BAJOLI explained.

Would be lovely to even play with the ground level, terrain advantages, hidden in the forest or such stuffs. I guess the game could even be pretty cool seeing it from the eyes of the NPCs. Would just be a minor feature but a freaking cool one :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind AoE IV returning to the Dark ages / medieval period. Not a carbon copy remake of AoE II but same time period and gameplay. Maybe different civs and units

Starting where AoE III left off and going forward in time doesn’t make sense for this series IMO.

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