Do you expect a kingdom/dynastie selection to every civilization?

I have read on some website (now i don’t remember right, i think it was the news about the leaked information in that German website) that Chinese can change the dinasty building wonders and advancing to the next age.

Do you think is a good idea to let the civilizations to choose a dynastie/kingdom with differents bonus like in AOE3/AOM?

for Example:

Italy: Venice, Genovese…
Byzantines: Komnenid, Palaiologan
Japan: Different Shogunates or clans (Oda, Takeda, Tokugawa…)
Spain: Castile, Aragon, Navarre.

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I don’t think this will be the case.

As far as I know Civs will choose a bonus on age-up by creating one of two available landmarks to advance. So there is a choice but it’s not tied to any dynasty or similar.

Chinese is special in that they can choose to create both landmarks from any given age rather than just one. If they do that they will not only get both landmark bonuses but also establish a dynasty associated with those landmarks that unlocks even more content.