Do you feel the unit is dull, not enough nimble?

I’m sorry to say this

But I feel the people and army in game are dull

not enough nimble

But I can not tell why

I played Starcraft 2

I feel the unit of Starcraft 2 is more nimble

moving, activity, fighting, turn around, etc

Do you feel the same?


Because all units have literally the same animations while moving. It is just an illusion.

Cant believe nobody have said anything about that spicif issue, its actually true. I Would compare against AoE 2 instead of starcraft.

And it kinda feels like AoE 1 units in that sense

I totally agree with you, especially the siege weapons, they will never attack enemies near them until you give them orders

Movement speed in SC2 is generally much faster across the board compared to Aoe IV.

Unless you were running around with cavalry, yeah a lot of infantry moves slower.

People in armor werent supermen who could turn instantly. THey needed some time. I think this is fine.