Do you focus on one age game only, or do you play different games?

I’m wondering how many people find one game they like and only play that game vs people who play 2 and 3 or 3 and 4, etc.

Personally I’m a dedicated AOE3:DE player (who just pre-ordered the Mexicans).

So, do you focus on one game or play multiple games?


Only aoe3 de though I’ve tried all of them, just always come back to aoe3.


According to Steam, I play AOE3 about 20x more than the others combined.


I always have 2DE, 3DE and Online (Celeste) installed. Playing 3DE the most atm.

I was introduced to the series with AoM, so going back to AoE and AoEII feels like a step-back, I also don’t really like the medieval theme, so AoEII and AoEIV never had much appeal to me anyway.
AoEIII is, for me, the best game of the series, I just have too much fun playing it and I really like the modern era theme. The only other game that might peak my interest is a proper Definitive Edition of AoM or an AoMII.


The replayability of AOE-3, the diversity of mechanics, the art and the attention to detail makes me play it more than any other game.


Came back to AOE 3 DE after some years of a break (not counting the beta). Nowadays I play DM on AOE 2 and Supremacy TG on AOE 3, trying to understand how the multiplayer is played to go 1v1 also.


I used to play aoe 3 more than aoe 2, but I feel like in aoe 3 de broken civs and unit stats have become so prevalent it turned my away from the game.

I come back to play a game of brits yolo boom from time to time or a ffa but mostly stick to aoe 2 diplo games now.

My conquer can’t run aoe 4 most likely, it already struggles with 3 de. Aom extended graphics are too bad nowadays, and I prefer 2/3.

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I currently play aoe 3 and 4 but play 3 more because its more fun and with Mexico I’m going to focus on that for a while.

I think I may end up playing 4 more but it depends if they sort our the hotkeys or not.

multiple but, most of them suck, so i play age 3de, but i get bored too

3,2 1. My oldschool game freelancer :smiley: Kingdome come deliverance and shadow of war