Do you have interesting recorded games?

I am a noob… a big noob but I love age of empires. I want to learn more strategies that are unique and interesting. Started a youtube channel under the name of Poop Lord… which to be honest creates sub par content at the moment but its something I enjoy doing. I am working on improving myself as a caster and would like your help. I was hoping people could send me their recorded games for me to review. Some members of our community have been really helpful and pointed me to but I would like to see your games.

My email is:

My youtube:

let me know if you send me an email with a cool strategy. Also what is more awesome then seeing your recorded game on youtube :slight_smile: you could be a new legend.

Please describe your strategy in the email… also I am sorry that I posted this in the insider only group before… I am bad with technology.


I already got one video send to me thank you :slight_smile:

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Can we send you funny moments as well?


funny moments sounds great to me. I might make some shorts out of your moments :slight_smile:

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Yes please send. I think people would like to see that. I am also working on legend videos. I should be posting the legend of Ruben Stock in about 9 hours from now :slight_smile:

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Some big streamers have their own discord where players can place good games. For example: T90 has in his discord the section ‘Game-submissions’. In reality he doesnt really cast many games (if any at all). People already put a summary of the game. So maybe you can make use of these lists as well to cast some games.

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that sounds like a great idea… I will have to install this discord thing. that is this group called? or can you add me?

You can use the web version as well, i think. In that case you dont need to install anything. You only need an account.

You can go to the following link:

Do you only want 1v1 Games or also fun mod games like FFA, Diplo etc.?

I could maybe send some Games, the question is what you like. I have some complete standard meta Games who just result in a good Game, some off meta strats that most people wot do, and then stupid games defending some annoying Rush players. Personally I always enjoy good meta Games who develop in very activ lategames to most, but I also play more unknown strats.

Havent played active recently, so could either send you some older Replays or just if i play in the future and have a good Game I could do so.

Also if you wanna get active at youtube maybe host some viewer Games and cast these. People often like to be casted, so by hosting lobbys like these you might get some faithful new fans.

Great ideas I am mostly looking for non meta games. I would love to cast some of your games regardless though as long as they are meaningful to you. the reason I got into casting is because my brother and I play and had tons of good recorded games that I now no longer can view because of updates… So sadly everything you send must be from the current patch :confused: I would definitely be down to hold some community games in the future though

so in short yet please send whatever you got :slight_smile: and thank you in advance

I think by taking your game back to on older version of an older patch you can cast older replays. maybe google a bit about it if you wanna cast older games.

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A well known member of the community made a downgrade tool so you can still watch and thus cast old replays.

Download link and full documentation in the description.

wait what?! thats fantastic news… but what if I want to play the current version again?

I dont trust the program and nor does the computer… I realize its probably fine buy I am not one to give out my steam information in a program

Problaby use the same tool again and select the current version. It will be pretty much something like that.

There is a full documentation about the tool. Your question is probably answered there.

In the vid you see you have to give your steam log in, but in the latest version you can select the skip steam log in. So there is no need to give your steam log in to the program.

All i can say is that Gregstein is a well known AoE II community member, but the use of these kind of programs is for own risk. If you dont feel good with using these third party programs, then that is fine.

In the end i really hope the devs will give us some easy tools for replays of older versions of the game, so we dont have to rely on third parties.

agreed. I think that would be best!

I want to but dont trust it

I think there is also other ways to do it without a program by editing some stuff in the Games Source Datas. Just google around a bit.

When a guy provides binaries on “github” for a very specific niche case and leaves the code open source, there’s 99.99% chance it won’t be malware. Think about it… Nobody has business spending months of work on a super specific tool to steal a few Steam accounts. People who make viruses target popular apps like Firefox or VLC media player and usually develop very cheap websites that take 2 hours to make.