Do you need expansion civs to complete the "No Mains" achievement?

No Mains
Win all Skirmish games with all Civilizations in Hardest difficulty

What does “all Civilizations” mean for the purposes of this achievement?

  • All Civilizations in the base game (DLC ownership doesn’t matter)
  • All Civilizations in base game + all Civilizations from owned DLC
  • All Civilizations in base game + all Civilizations from all DLC
    • If you don’t own all DLC, you can’t get this achievement

Which one is correct for obtaining this achievement?

All the ones from the base game, since the expansions came out later…

It would be really great if the achievement said that.

No Mains
Win all Skirmish games with all base game Civilizations in Hardest difficulty

This achievement requires you to win 1 Supremacy OR Deathmatch skirmish game playing as all 16 Civilizations on the "Hardest " difficulty setting.

These are the game settings I used:

Game Type: Supremacy
Set number of players to: 2 Players
Select Type: All Maps
Select Map: Alaska (This is a small map)
Game Rules: Classic
Starting Age: Post-Imperial Age
Difficulty: Hardest
Game Speed: Fast

Use the “tuck tuck tuck” cheat at the beginning of the game and use the monster truck(s) to defeat the enemy AI very quickly and win the game.

*The enemy team’s explorer is usually going toward your town center at the beginning of the game. Make sure to run him over while you are making your way to the enemy town center.

*When you reach the enemy’s town center, enemy villagers are most important to defeat first so they do not scatter around the map.

Start with the top most civilization in the selection list and work your way down through all 16 of them.