Do you prefer if the developer is keeping everyone in the dark or they give us some kind of update, even if it is a tiny one?

  • I prefer if they keep us in the dark.
  • I prefer if they give us an update, even if the information is small.
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I think everyone agrees that we want to see more of the game.
I prefer an open development.

I think the AoE4 DLC is a relatively big thing for them so maybe they are holding back on news on the other games. We haven’t heard anything about AoE2 or AoE3 DLCs either.

My current guess is that it will be radio silence till early next year and then release Autumn next year.

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I think the game wont be released in 2024 myself. Just basically no info and from what we know, it will have a lot of engine work, which is bound to be time consuming. But yeah, aoe expansions almost never overlap, to make sure there is no eclipsing of any game in socials, so at best we hope for news after the AoE4 pack comes out.

They are using the same engine as AoE3DE which itself is a newer version of the AoM engine so there won’t be that much engine work needed.
Also having both games on the same engine makes further improvement of both games easier.

2024 is still far in the future, especially if we expect a release towards the end of the year so probably 13 months from now.

Just compare it with the prerelease time of AoE3DE. There was basically nothing known about if a year before release.

But delays can always happen.
Maybe late 2024 is planned right now but it will be postponed without us never knowing about it.

Its a big mistake to keep people in the dark. Sooner or later we will just forget about it and theres no hype. Paradox always releases dev diaries which is great for hyping the game and marketing. Valve kept everyone in the dark about half life 3 and now its more or less forgotten about


Based on AoE4 development, I would prefer to know how the development is going, so the community could give their opinions and criticism before it’s too late to change some things


This x10000. I hope something happens next month or early next year where they ask for more feedback.


The closest you will get to news is via comments from World’s Edge employees on the official Discord.

What has been confirmed by Inferno:

  • Retold started development just before the trailer released.
  • We won’t hear anything until all departments (FE, Tantalus, Microsoft QA, MS Marketing, Art, Design, etc) start agreeing to say “Yes, we can show Retold”. (nobody at MS get scared, I’m not involved, I don’t know anything except what every other sluether knows and am just assuming that Tantalus and FE are involved)
  • Retold will at least take 2 years; the earliest we’ll hear is 2024. Maybe Feb, March, E3, Gamescom, who knows?
  • Heavy concept art has been worked on, and is probably continuing to go on until the project leads, and series director and so on say “yes this is finished”

Moral of the Story: Stop being desperate and start finding new games or hobbies.

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Eh, who cares. I’d prefer no info yet.

This game is so old, I’ve said it before.

In fact I think maybe they were a bit too early in announcing the project if they literally did 0 work and 0 concept art etc…

I am not sure why people are so hyped and I think their logic is: no matter what, people are going to buy it, and it’s going to make money; Even if it’s about as bad as AoE4 was factually.

I don’t even check/care anymore though because I just figure it will be a fun temporary thing to do when it comes out, and I’m not even expecting it to be a major game (even if it attempts it, gaymers tend tobe so dumbed down nowadays that RTS is mostly a dead genre, if it’s any like ‘all’ the others, it will just peak at launch and then die rather quickly).

The game was old and pretty repetitive once you are already a top player one time, knowing just about every strategy. They literally have guides sitting around from the ‘2008’ era that still apply to today in 2024 lol. No need to learn anything rly in regards to the core unmodded game.

The thing I am mostly looking for is a ‘new’ or ‘revitalized’ AoM and maybe play it online.

It’d be a surprise if AOMRE came out, and it suddenly ‘had a lot of interest’ or something. With more ways to play and more accessibility to it. But I doubt it.

I’m sure there will be major changes that break the repetitive nature of the game, hopefully providing a new learning curve for people to at least figure out what is a good strategy, what is worse, etc. Since that is mostly what an RTS game is at its core (and some people never learn, they are just slow, they lose more; but at a top/more efficient level, really it’s all about learning the stronger strategies and applying them). Literally half the game is small decisions like knowing how to build in the first 5 minutes, not making farms too early, and thatis why so many players fail at it which is ridiculously dumb.

AoMEE was nice to extend the life of the original one. But it suffers from literal crash issues, screen lag, and other issues.

The biggest thing I think will change is it will ‘different enough’ so that mods are incompatible… that’s fine with because very few mods and things seemed worth it. Players have shown 30-50% significantly they like to play against new and improved or customized AI. AOM does have such AI and it’s easy to set up, but the players who join to play it usually lose or suck too much tobeat it anyway. Yet even though it’s possible, and only few button clicks, I don’t think anyone has been regularly setting up VS AI matches and usually players who join get thrashed by the AI if so. It doesn’t have a system like aoe2de created where you can just sort of join/load instantly, it loads or downloads the mod, and not have to restart. Thus I actually had fun and AoE2DE was worth buying for 20$; even though I view AOE2 as a shit repetitive old game that I would never play, it was worth it just because of mods, and vs AI and some stuff.

I think if it’s not a complete system, then it shouldn’t be released or announced. Even if I’m sure just changing a few visuals on AomEE and re-packaging it would get the sales, because why not. It may not be too different, but it really should be, knowing that it’s just on the ‘same engine’ no matter what.

If it’s a weak release, people still stupidly won’t refund it, and Microjew will get their sales.That is gaymer logic in a nutshell; overspending on unneeded things, and not refunding it. So there’s no guarantee of quality.

I predict 99% chance it will come out, but it’s just the usual BS where it’s nothing special- it comes out, 10000 players play it for like a month, most of them play singleplayer for like a day and then don’t even refund it, and then like it’ll go down to 500 people. Then you’ll find out that, 90% of them never even completed the singleplayer, even though they did run the game one time, and most of those gave it a ‘good review’. Similar to AoE4 which was a massive failure; but AoMRE would already be miles ahead of AoE4 just for being on AoE3 or AoMs engine. There is room to make a good RTS and it’d be niec to see an RTS that doesn’t totally fail like literally 100% of them have done since 2010 though, even though some good ones have come and failed because players are too stupid to appreciate them (some noteable ones Grey Goo, Ashes of the Singularity, and that’s about all). Yet these things I mention are ‘100% real statistics’ of what happens usually when a major RTS game or remake of one comes out so I’m not making fun of anything, I’m just pointing out that definitely the statistics/facts make the gaymers look very low IQ (when you see what they actually do). I’m not saying it, it just so happens when ‘person A’ does something ‘rather stupid’ multiple times, then eventually people who view ‘person A’ think ‘that person must be lower than average IQ’, it isn’t liek an insult from my end but rather just the fact that 90-99% of you actually do that so it’s not an insult but rather you’re just sort of doing it to yourself.

Thus why I’m not hyped because I know how stupid gaymers are and what they’re going to do. I would not bet on AomRE becoming like a ‘bigtime release’, but rather will just be similar to an AOMEE that is ‘better’ in a lot of ways. It’s like a 1% to succeed at a high level literally, because even if it was a masterpiece with new mechanics and fun for everyone, modding was great, and it was like perfect, the players nowadays are just too stupid for it. (But they also in such case won’t refund it anyway, so it’s great, they just get to re-release the same engine and do some new work on it , then that’s all, free money). If it truly is on Aoe3DE’s engine and also does things like increases population then we can expect a laggy game with high requirements for absolutely no reason because devs ‘improperly’ placed ‘post processing effects’ itno the game that weren’t implemented properly (just like AoE3DE and AoMEE completely lagged the screen and messed up the performance levels that used to tick like 100% normally with high framerates, enabling actual clicking around and stuff) , of course it’ll be ‘great’ and everyone will love how laggy it is; and how the little Windows Not Responding thing pops up on a 3d game that ‘used to work just fine’ because they did something wrong (“that’s just a feature!”)

So just remember that when it does come out and you do ‘do that’ stuff, some online guy predicted what you did like months or years in advance. I don’t even care that I predicted it, it’s just that you should feel kind of bad, and realize you do this pattern for ilke everything and it’s going to happen again.

well for that you “don’t care” you 1. write pretty damn much, 2. you seem to be too emotional/salty between the lines and 3. you are still active in this forum. so don’t fool yourself and look into the mirror and accept the reality: you care in your own way.

About your text itself… well i don’t want to go into everything (maybe someone else want to do this?) but:

  • your repetitive point its kind of redudant if you look at games like e.g. WC3 which is similar old and is still played. A game can be sort of repetitive and still can be fun with or without mods.
  • regarding AoMEE i personally never had CTDs and heavy screen lags (my Desktop just got stuck a couple of times after i closed the game - but i assume only cause i used some conflicting mods) so your argument is quite a generalisation.
  • sad what happened to Grey Goo and its devs. but on the bright side we get ZeroSpace some time in the future which is also more sci-fi alien focused. even tho i personally look still the most forward to AoMRetold only regarding the RTS genre.
  • i personally want to bet that AoMRetold will have AT LEAST a bigger impact than Grey Goo and even Spellforce3 (and i hope than AoE4)
  • about the engine i don’t want to argue neither with you nor anyone else cause i am no tech guy and i originally hoped it would be made in UE5 or something similar till ppl here wrote how much potential AoE3 base has. i would say lets see and judge later in that regard.

And, please, don’t get triggered by my response. that is not my intention. i just give you my opinion to your opinion.

Edit: oh! and i also want to mention that - if you like it or not - there will be finally something regarding news to AoMRetold at 23.02.2024. I am very happy that we finally get something, i am curious and look cautiously forward to it.


I just type fast. I can spend 10 minutes and write all that out.

I’ve learned by experience ‘not to care’, and for the reason I may have written. Even a really well executed RTS will likely fail, because player IQs are lower. They are not the same type as when AoM came out and it would become the ‘top online game’ etc. The players usually are incapable of understanding a good RTS game that has some fun learning curve/time to spend on it, thus why I said a few ‘rather good’ RTS have come but players just didn’t stay online for long.

It’s not repetitive, if it’s an old game like WC3? Weird logic. Altho it’s not my expertise game, it clearly is pretty simple and has only few points. In that one it’s like you have 5 buildings and each building has like 3 options on it; and a few small perks/simple things as far as I remember. While I think you would not have to spam like 100 villagers or in this case it’s like1/2 of that, it still would get ‘repetitive’ once you become a top player once. Plus it’s probably old like similarly 10-20+ years old. In the same exact way you’d be doing the same exact thing every time and strategy guides that are a decade old already show how to build up properly/best ways.

I do sometimes just look but I no longer care much.

  • It is going to take a long time
  • Players will likely spike at the start, then quickly leave, as before; even if it’s like flawless & no issues
  • I don’t think players are ‘capable’ of appreciating RTS, they prefer gambling on point-n-click FPS like COD, demonstrating their collective IQ
  • AoE3 engine literally lags and window stops responding so I’m hoping it doesn’t suffer similar issues.

That’s about all. I consider aom was oen of my favorite out of the 3 ones, so I may buy it and play it, but not all too serious about it like these cripples who played like 20 years and still are goin at it trying to dodge individual arrows and siht liek that.

To me if I win I find it boring if it wasn’t a challenge or fun. Same if everyone knows a strategy or plays way too much on game that’s literally old, if they try too hard, it seems unfun to me. I hint a the fact those same players, even the ones that may be top with 10000+ hours, are garbage slow learners. They also have kind of a crippled brain IMO to play the game so long and try to be top player after so many games, or to play like 1000+ games (imagine the time waste) and they still suck at it or whatever their personal issue is. I don’t consider those players to be ‘same level’ as like the old pros who took like 1year or when 0 strategy guides were out, and people stil learning, etc. and they ‘never will be’ at the same level cognitively or in real life. those people found ‘the best ways’ in like 100x less time.

The current ones are like cripples who learned how to win at 1 thing after like 20 years and then play too much on it. As for me I find I can play like 10 games and I’m already like 1900-2000 ELO (topmost) again once I sort of re-learn the start and so on. It’s astounding their waste of time bullshit and teamstack nonsense which all ‘does nothing’ for them and then you see they’re mostly from the usual countries (not from higher class Western/Euro countries whose players used to be Pro, but left a long time ago because they are ‘smarter’ and realized its going to decline or already bored of it). Usually it’s like some dirty BR(azilian) (or you look at the country and say “that makes sense”) trying to teamstack, and give 0 chance in what should be a fun team game. Yet they took like 15 years of gameplay and 100000 hours of wasted game time to finally learn how to play only to apply dirty win-every-time tactics alongside dirty teamstacks that imo are ‘simply not fun’. They even are such trolls I have seen before a player who joins and goes afk/idles on purpose to cause the loss, even in an unranked game. To a south american player that plays Aom (an example why I don’t care much anymore) it’s ‘clever’ to them to try to do such logic like to cheat at poker or cheat at games in any way possible, but to us to ‘see what they are doing’ it simply looks retarded. These are the type of players that now stick around the old RTS games and so it’s not fun to play it anyway. Because I mastered it in the past, I don’t care about winning because I have beaten literally every player or even top players before and know how to do it, etc. and the avg players that still play competitively are usually scummy in comparison; as a result I mainly liked the mods,and custom/casual games.

This TrickishBook405 reminds me of that kid who keeps repeating the same thing over and over again just to hold your attention, lmao.