Do you prefer if the developer is keeping everyone in the dark or they give us some kind of update, even if it is a tiny one?

  • I prefer if they keep us in the dark.
  • I prefer if they give us an update, even if the information is small.
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I think everyone agrees that we want to see more of the game.
I prefer an open development.

I think the AoE4 DLC is a relatively big thing for them so maybe they are holding back on news on the other games. We haven’t heard anything about AoE2 or AoE3 DLCs either.

My current guess is that it will be radio silence till early next year and then release Autumn next year.

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I think the game wont be released in 2024 myself. Just basically no info and from what we know, it will have a lot of engine work, which is bound to be time consuming. But yeah, aoe expansions almost never overlap, to make sure there is no eclipsing of any game in socials, so at best we hope for news after the AoE4 pack comes out.