Do you sincerly think developers improved the textures for this new beta?

I seen developers listened what many people said during the closed beta about the zoom options. There were many feedbacks also about models and unit textures.

Do you Think we’ll see some improvements?

Possibly. It was blatantly clear we were playing in a closed beta version at the time.
In this case it will be a release that is open to the public. People will stream and see the game without NDA restrictions.

So im willing to believe they’d want the best representations of final visuals at this point.

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Of course not. Don’t expect any changes to the standard texture pack. These things dont get sorted out a month prior to release. At best case, you may be able to enable that greyed out ‘higher texture’ option box and hope that it actually makes a difference and it’s not just fluff. Although I doubt they’ll let you.


I think you will have to wait until after release.
They implied in some interviews that they have plans to implement some feedback after release.

Until than just use the new option to zoom out more than you won’t notice.

No. If they did anything related to overhauling them - it would most likely be mentioned. Whether they can/want or don’t want ot do that, timeframe between closed beta and this one isn’t huge and that time was spent preparing things for release.

People gave 1000 ideas for various things during closed beta period, and honestly, I don’t think anything major will be implemented in v1.0 build of the game.
Sadly but I’m not even 100% sure the color picker will be there for open beta, which is as a basic feature as having a volume control slider. Maybe on release in day1 patch.

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I actually think a colour picker is not great for an RTS.
Especially in multilayer. If you’re allowed to pick small gradations of the same hue you can very easily make the players hard to distinguish.

I think it’s much better to just have a swatch of preselected colours. Maybe with more options but deffo not a slider.

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I think JjForcebreaker was talking about the ability to pick a colour in the lobby (like in the previous games), as opposed to having a colour assigned to you when the game starts.


I’m am talking about color selection primarily. I can’t come up with a game of this type that didn’t have it and it was shocking it wasn’t present (and as far as we know still isn’t).
I’m also in favor of having a color changer just like in AoE III:DE. Nothing is forcing developers to not make it player-visible change only. It’s a cosmetic feature and can be constrained only to ‘host’-side in any given match.
Changing colors influences what we see, I’m not sure where’s the problem.

Oh so you mean the ability to pick colours in general?
Yeah sure I agree. We shall see if they implement that.

Mmm , sinceraly , it seems that maybe they would , because in the gamescom trailer , graphics seems a little bit better

Sorry if the screenshots have bad quality .

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Will we get All 8 of them races this tíme?

lol, no.
We get to play 4 factions in this open beta.


Nope , only 4 , English, chinease , HRE and Abbasid

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