Do you still want to play the game seeing this map pool? /Suggestion

(In first, sorry for my bad english ! xD)

Do you still want to play the game seeing this map pool?
Me no, I’m fed up that closed Maps are mostly chosen:

  • By unrated players
  • By Devs

For me it becomes vital that the rotations incorporate a ratio according to the types of maps!

Example: 4 Maps closed are 4 with the most votes, only one will pass.

Then it will be the open map with the most votes (even if it is only 6th in overall votes)

Same for 1 map Hybrid, 1 Nomad, 1 Water
The Pool of MAPs thus includes 5 MAPs resulting from the votes but respecting each style of play. Each way of liking the game.

There are many ideas that could improve the Map Pool and the way it is currently composed! Nothing could be worse than now :slight_smile:


I agree. 7 maps is also not enough. We need more maps and more bans to compensate. At least 12 maps would make the ladder actually interesting. I hate Fortress and Amazon Tunnel is just horrific.

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I think it’d be more interesting if every now and then, maybe for one week in a month, maps you see in tournaments become the only options. There’s been plenty of closed maps, hybrid maps, open maps from tournaments to pick so it’s not just the same Arabia - Arena - Nomad - Black Forest present in every map pool.

And some maps are close enough, Arena tournaments have some Arena-like maps, Black Forest… would just be Rage Forest, I guess. And so on!

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