Do you think it is possible to play without chivalry in team games?

As an intermediate player, I am still learning and days ago, when I was playing with HRE and his powerful infantry, I was being “trolled” by enemy chivalry all the time, so I decided to incorporate like 20-30 horses to my army, so I can pursuit and target that horses better.

It worked, so I started to think “hey, maybe chivalry is not only to chivalry-based civs like frenchs or mongols”.

In my games, every time a folk picks french, you know he’s going to mass horses, if someone pick HRE, you know he’s going to mass infantry, etc etc…

But… Why?

I mean, do you think, it is possible (of course it is, but I mean from a strategic point of view) to play without horses?

When you play team games, maps are usually huge and infantry is slow.

Do you use chivalry despite the civ you are playing?