Do you think that aztec explorer really needed buff? give russian explorer a buff

what about russian explorer?!

i stealt treasure, and barely i could kill his explorer because he converted an outlaw rifleman with 40 atack damage, Aztecs are very op in this map, they can convert an outlaw with 40 atack and kill easily my explorer.

how do i explore the map using russian civ ?! i find these guys and iam dead!

Or you could just crackshot the rifleman and make sure you dont get snared?


I’m sure the devs appreciate your amount of post where you talk about ideas, bugs and concerns, but at some point you need to think about what’s really important and constructive to bring up.

No offense but it almost feels like your name makes up half of the forum posts and 90% of the posts are about arbitrary things. Add to that that you announced your “retirement” from AoE3 but you keep posting as if nothing happened and then ask yourself if it’s really worth it to take you seriously at this point.

Give. CONSTRUCTIVE. Criticism.

Not a flood of randomness…


bro, i post a lot, many people dont post, i contribute to the game

this is a post, why do you think is this arbitrary?

i think they were arbitrary asking for a better explorer for aztecs, of course i want a bettter explorer with my main russia.
How do i beat an explorer that converts enemies that has 40 atack ragne? i better dont explore

my name dont makes up half of the forum, and if so, there isnt any limit.

im constructive, ive reported many bugs, if you or someone dont stand criticism, then do nothing.

i announced my retirement because come on, 1vs1 ranked crashes still, i sent report to support, and they tell me reinstall game please. LOL. I keep playing to see friends. And try to contribute to the game, if you dont stand criticism, i dont care. I critizice a lot, its needed. I try to contribute, if im get upset well sometimes i feel like retiring of the game.

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so, everytime i see his explorer i must run. And if i dont have crackshot im lost

Youre not lost, you just run lmao. Youve obviously failed to grasp that part of the aztec civ is that they have a strong MELEE mode explorer and without it theyd suck. Russia is better in other ways, they dont need to and shouldnt beat the aztec explorer in a fight.

Also KeyThread is right you just post pure dribble without any thought

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Here are the issues with your whole argumentation (or lack off…):

  • It is is purely anecdotical.
    (Engaging the Aztec warchief, while there is a human guardian to convert close by, and his ability is not on cooldown. How many time does that happen in games?)
  • It fails to show how it is problematic for the game
    (You said it is impossible to scout because of this, but anyone would just tell you to avoid that fight if you need the scouting that badly)
  • It is made in a way that make us doubt you grasp the basics concepts of the game
    (Russian explorer? Why would that be an issue only for Russians? All Europeans explorers are the same units, so how is buffing the Russian one a solution? Also, what would be the balanced way this encounter should have gone? It is not super clear, but it seems you think your explorer should have won that fight. Why did you think you had a shot at taking the warchief and the Eagle scout 1v2? This feel like a non-sense for most readers.)
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The Az explorer/age 1 buff was sorely needed. It was like having an explorer with no crackshot at all - you could barely get any age 1 treasures because so few maps had humanoid treasure guardians. The unit also walks slower, and aztec often builds early post, so you could barely explore the map age 1. Back when you could convert animal guardians, the animals were a key part of aztec early game even in age 2.

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mmm well, i should just avoid seeing his explorer or any converted guardian of him if i dont have crackshot, and dont even get a treasure maybe because i would be not with full health to scape from his explorer.

In this maps there is always many outlaws, in this map that civ always get the best treasures.

I killed his explorer because it has low hp and i stold the treasure, i didnt remember that outlaw had 40 attack. But whatever. There is nothing i can do, just avoid being near his explorer if my explorer is with low hp.

He rushed at min 5 with 10 coyote runner. I lost because i wrongly sent 13 strelets.

in this map, he just go near to my base and steal th ebest treasure probably on th emap, there is nothing i can do, to prevent of it. Maybe saving crack shot for his outlaw and hope that his explorer dies by collecting treasures while being attacked by me

also im not sure, but those outlaws are only tagged as treaasures guardians, strelets dont get bonus versus them, 1 outlaw can kill many strelets, ill check it in editos scenary though.

all european exploreres are not the asame units, spanish cerates dogs, portuguese see part of map, french has an extra explorer, dutchs can have emisaries.

you dont even have read all my posts to say that.
and i dont care bro. Posts are not made fo ryou particuarly, but thanks for the info

aztecs are a bottom tier civ, they need at least something.

lol i always lose versus them xD

The aztec warchief needee a boost. Without the crackshot it could nt get treasures whatsoever. It wasnt able to defeat 2 tigers or 2 polar bears for example.
Now it can.

RĂşssia doesnt need a boost, as it is one ofbthe top civs and Can lame aztecs with cossacs + strelts with a simila, but better Rush.

Next time dont fight Explorer battles

man coyotes eats strelets, and cossacks are killed by pikes. Musketer has bonus versus coyotes only on meele which never happpen

coyote eat streat and pike eat cossack but strelet eat pike and musket eat coyote (alos cossacks eat coyote ^^). Then you should micro ^^. Aztek is not super strong right now (playable but not top civ)

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man aztecs units cant be clicked mostly, they are supper tiny and fast. One error is easily done and i make strelet shot coyote instead pike, or i shoot anything else. Russian moskets are so weak and coyote are super fast, you cannot atack coyote meele easily. He can snipe muskets easily with anything range aztec has. Also jaguars snare muskets
Also aztecs suddenly get army from a building using the big buttons, and cant scape, because aztecs units are fast
strelet has only 12 range, and otontin has 16. You cannot snipe pikemans that ar eprotecting otontins easily

strelet has 14 range and it’s easy to clic on pike, if you miss your clic you deserve too lose, noting else

have 12 when have 14?

It’s 14 since the very beginning