Do you think the balance is ridiculous?

In 1v1, the horse civilizations (French and Rus) are too strong. Let’s talk about the other horse civilization, the Mongol, which cannot produce the early Lancer anymore except the campaign. (the text of civ bonus describe that the Mongol can produce early Lancer in age 2.) Mongol can rush in age 1 by horseman now, but they are difficult to protect their villagers from the attack or harassment because they don’t have wall or keep and their outpost is very easy to destroy. If the Mongol could produce the early Lancer, they could become the more aggressive civ than the others. Did you find the problem? The early Knight/Lancer is too OP. French and Rus have a lot of advantage of civ bonus in early game. Even if they don’t have early Knight, they will be still strong. The early Man-at-Arms also have the same problem here, but the problem only occurs when the civilizations cannot obtain the heavy units or high damage units in age 2 like the Chinese or Delhi (now including the Mongol, but Mongol can rush in age 1.) That’s why Delhi is the weakest civ now.

There are two ways to balance.

  1. Remove the all Heavy units in age 2. This is the easier way than the other, but it will be boring.

  2. Nerf the early Knight/Lancer a little in age 2. Give Chinese and Delhi the early Crossbowman to counter the other Heavy units in age 2. Then, I think the Mongol can take back the bonus of early Lancer, but the stone cost of double producing by Ovoo influence should increase to 1.5 times. This is more interesting than the first way.

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