Do you think this game will keep the idea of mercenaries from AoE3?

Mercenaries such as the irish gallowglass and french routiers were an important part of medieval warfare, and it’s an interesting mechanic if you ask me.

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I wonder. I mean there are obviously no home cities that are the main source of mercenaries in AoE3. Maybe some civilisations have mercenaries and others don’t.
In AoE3 the mercenaries in the Saloon did depend on the map and Natives couldn’t train them.
If they exist they shouldn’t be as important as in AoE3, especially as they are for the Swedish and Germans.

Yeah, I meant saloon-style mercs based on map. Or maybe also with some Civ bonus ones. Such as having a Mercenary Guild building where you have 3 or so mercs based on the map, plus 1 or 2 merc choices based on your civ, such as the British always being able to hire Gallowglass.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this is already in the game.
Maybe mercenary camps that work like Natives in AoE3.

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Yeah! I would like the Byzantines and / or Italians to be the mercenary based faction.

The rus Varangian guard, spanish almogaraves, swiss pikemen, genovese crossbowmen with pavés, the black army of hungary, the Jhon Hackwood company… and many more nice units

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I personally think it was a good idea since it put a little length in the game. If AGE IV is anything like any Relic game then I think mercenaries are needed.