Do you want units with 'charge attack' in the game?

In the game currently, we have the Coustilleur as a cavalry unit which can charge its attack, and soon the Dravidians will be released with the unique Urumi Swordsman which can do the same.

Do you think that this mechanic fits in the game, or not? Some argue it is too gimmicky or unsuited, others argue that the devs need to keep playing around with new mechanics to keep things fresh. What do you think?

Do you want units with ‘charge attack’ in the game?

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I am fine with unites with charge attacks.
I only think the coustillier charge is a bit too high. It should be tuned down but on a shorter timer.

The problem with the charges if they are too big is the snowball effect, in both directions.


not really a fan of the gimmicky stuff like charge attacks and what not, but as long as they keep stuff like that minimal i will be fine.

I’m so divided I’m not gonna vote. When the coustiller was announced I thought it was a terrible idea. It was meant to portray a cavalry charge and I couldn’t convince myself it could feel natural within the AoE2 engine. I was already seeing those cluncky engage-disengage nothing like an actual cavalry charge.

But now that Burgundians have been out for a while, I have to say that the mechanic doesn’t bother me at all, and I’d dare to say it’s kind of funny to play with. Rather than a cavalry charge, it’s used as a snipping tool in low numbers, with the disengange being not as chaotic as I whought it was gonna be at first. Entire armies of coustiller I have seen them very few times.
Numbers get another dimension when deciding a fight, since in some situations you can engage coustillers vs pikes expecting them to be sniped before they can deal lots of damage, but after a certain amount of pikes, when they start to survive the charge they have the chance to deal their bonus damage, giving the number variable a more complex role in the calculation.

Given urumis are not gonna be as fast as cavalry (or at least I expect so), I don’t see them sniping and running away or engaging-disengaging consecutively. So, I don’t knoe what the purpose of the charged attack is going to be for them. For the moment, I’m just gonna wait before I declare if this is a good mechanic or not.

yes but ONLY if all lanced units get it

I don’t mind the mechanic if it makes sense. Like it makes sense for a cavalry to have a charge mechanism. And actually I would like to see it on other cavalry units as well. (Maybe all step lancers?) But I don’t really understand why an infantry unit is getting it. Like what’s the logic there?

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