Does anybody remember of this little fella?


The Stone Wall Tower

Such a cool building and concept absolutely buried by Relic. After the problems these brought in the first season it got hit hard by the nerf hammer to the very point of absolute inviability.
Stone walls, wooden walls, fortified wooden walls, outposts, stone towers, keeps and landmark defensive and keep-like buildings were fine tuned over the seasons to be viable and try to not be OP or UP.

Even if just situational, every one of these can be seen used in AoE 4 games.

However, Stone Wall Towers were left in the absolute dark and totally forgotten by the devs. Even stuff like wall defending units it’s something that didn’t pan out from the get go but at the very least we occasionally see it in some battles. But Stone Wall Towers? Nah ah. They became a legend.

Should Relic try to give them some use and bring them back by balancing them just like they did with all the defensive structures? Or should they just leave them in the dark forever?


I agree with this, I am of the philosophy that if something is in the game, it should be usable and workable. The same goes for the siege towers that were almost forgotten, BUT that’s what the surveys they take out with each season are for. When the next poll comes, that’s the place to say what’s missing. I remember seeing in some of them that the devs put something about improving the siege towers, but that will be known in the future.

I wish stone towers were more viable along with walls, but apparently a lot of people don’t think so. I would like to fortify my empire with towers and use the archers on the walls. In fact, there are civilizations that have a buff to these towers like HRE, Delhi and the English with the Network of citadels.

It is possible to do all that, but in practice it is not viable, at a competitive level.

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I think they should make them cheaper, have them just fire an arrow, and then allow them to add a springald or cannon emplacement in castle or imperial.

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In the campaign it is useful. I guess the devs were hoping for some kind of wall rush, and put these towers up like crazy.

The problem is that now, in the fourth Season, at the “Resource Savings” level, it is more optimal, both for 1vs1 and 2v2, team games, or FFA, to save the 300 stone of its cost to build an Urban Center, or a Keep, or even to reinforce the outposts.

In fact, three of them don’t make up for the efficiency of a Keep, which fires 360 degrees, against 3 towers with a limited range of 180, or sometimes even less, and which can’t be equipped with cannons. Even fortified outposts can be cannoned, but the stone tower cannot, which is a tremendous weakness.

Its usefulness when it came out, and I know from playing the campaign, was to be able to get your archers on top of the wall, but that was about it.

Its greatest utility now in Season4 is in post-imperial developed already “Boiling Oil”, since they do AoE damage up close, although in theory, since no enemy unit can melee the wall, except battering rams, it’s just an anti- battering rams, which is very useless, unless you want to play defensive preventing your wonder from attacking… but that’s about it, and it’s very situational. D.

In fact, almost everyone prefers instead of building them, put a lot of outpost and put the cannon technology, since it does AoE damage, instead of the springald of the stone tower that does range damage, and on top of that limited.

In general I think it should cost 100 stone (or 150/200) and being able to add the springald, or the cannon with stone cost, would make it more effective, and on top of that it would keep the incredible utility of “Lava Pit”, for a very cheap price.

StoneWall Towers should be moved to Castle age then made to be cheaper but also less attack given its 3khp (thats almost twice a upgraded outpost hp).

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Anyone who wants to participate in tournaments from amateurs, will not make stone walls in feudal, will not make the boar disappear and will not make stone towers in the entire game, since there was a match with Vortrix that abused stone towers, they are totally prohibited.


Look at Merlin’s cast of 3 hour game time from Bee, the stone towers have by default spinardas which would make it impossible to assault the walls, the spinardas should have it in imperial

then this is a bad design and players that should be enjoying the game can’t because 3 random pros can’t play with stone walls…

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even in low elo amateur tournaments they are prohibited, “it’s not 3 people”

In the beta they started as arrow towers with mutually exclusive upgrades to springald in castle or bombard in imperial.

Once they dumped the upgrade feature and just made them springald only that made them really strong out of the gate in age 2 but they had very little scaling.

I don’t understand why they dumped the upgrades since then they could adjust each version individually. If stone towers are too powerful in age 2 but weak in age 4 you could adjust the upgrades. Now it has to be balanced around age 2 and has no way of upgrading.

RIP Bombard Stone Towers, forever in our hearts

the real forgotten unit is that long wooden tower!! I only saw it ONCE in all my matches… whats the use of that thing? someone add the picture dont know to do that

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It’s the siege tower. Their purpose is to let your units climb enemy walls.

how many walls have you climbed with it? I have never had time to build or research that thing. Its easier to blow walls away with siege maybe

I don’t care about tournaments, I care about the money I paid and what they sold me.

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Best part is that you can’t even upgrade to springald towers in age 2. But stone towers comes with this technology from the get go in age 2??? I mean, this is either lazy or the engine the devs are working on is so bad that it’s a real chore to change age restriction in upgrades or add upgrades. (Even though this has been done in earlier patches.)