Does anyone else dislike Nomad in team games?

I am sure most of you like Nomad. I am not trying to tell anyone to dislike this map, and I’m not even suggesting changes to the map. I am just expressing my dislike for the map. It usually results in one player on each team getting sandwiched and having no fun the entire match while the other players who didn’t get sandwiched get to do stuff.

It also seems kind of pointless as a map because in order to be competitive you have to drop your town center immediately. There’s no fishing for a good spot which you would assume is the point of a nomadic map where you don’t start with a town center. If you don’t plop down a TC immediately you will lose via timing to anyone who places a TC immediately.

Anyone else dislike it or am I the only one?


Now there is share vision on Nomad so you can decide a team position. Before you couldn’t now where is your team before they build a market.

So I kind of disagree with you coz if you are sandwiched, your team should find a way to get you out.

Also on nomad there is gold and stone everywhere so it is easy to make multi bases and forums everywhere.

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I love nomad. If I could only play one map for the rest of my life, it would be nomad. Now that being said, you have raised some valid points. The point of nomad is somewhat invalidated by the fact that you have to drop a TC asap.

I’d be open to a change where you cannot drop a TC for the first 30 seconds. Would that solve your issue?

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I thought dropping a TC ASAP was the point.

No. Hate hate hate. Nomad is probably my favorite map now, and I would absolutely hate this change. The only change I’d want to the map is removing the starting treaty so things are more chaotic at the beginning.

The way I see it, there should be a trade-off between exploring a bit to see a great place to TC, and immediately placing a TC for that vil advantage. The way it is now, there is none. You have to place your TC under like 30 seconds, or you’ll be behind in vils.

So the question is, how do you bring back that trade-off? How do you make a bit more of exploration more viable?

To be clear, I don’t have a very strong opinion on this. I am fine with nomad as is, and I’m fine with nomad with that modification.

This is the most comman wrong idea about nomad.
Even if you have shared vision moving your villagers to find good spot causes 1-2 less villager and it turn into snowball effect. Opponets can drop castle, send knight, galleys etc while you are on the way to castle age etc. Age up times are soo important in nomad.
If a player get toasted by 2 3 enemies, his team have to fight 3v4. 1 castle from each player or 3-4 knight+castle is enough to defeat a player.
Nomad needs some kind of balance change like all villagers spawn in the middle of the mal etc.

If my idea of nomad is wrong, I curisous to know your correct idea of nomad.

Everyone in nomad has random spawn of villagers, you can communicated with your team to decide a location.
If villagers spawn in the middle of the map, it means that the map will be less explored and players will build their forum even closer to each other at the first gold/wood they will find.
Nomad is a map with water & fish, full of gold and stone, enough wood… The fun of this map is to play with the the risks it has. If you don’t want to be sandwiched, you can just delay a bit your forum and build it far from your opponent.

If you are sandwiched, you can still do a lot of things. Watch more nomad games and you will understand that a sandwiched player doesn’t mean that his team will loose the game.

Belive me i watched more nomad game than you think. Sandwiched players spend their whole time to recover their eco while their team fighting 3v4. Most of the time 3v4 means lose.
If all the villagers spawn in the middle, players will dertle close to their team mates. They will lose less time and Will not get toasted.

I mean you expose a situation of sandwich which I just your fault if you decide to put your forum in the middle of ennemy team. Then you suggest that all villagers spawn at the same place which is a very bad idea. In another world you tell that someone who doesn’t know how to play nomad will loose most of its game. This is obvious.

It would certainly help. It just feels to me like if you MUST place a TC immediately to avoid getting timed out, which is extremely important on this map, then why do we not just start with TCs? The point of not starting with a TC is to give some thought to where you place your TC. I think the devs originally designed Nomad with the intention you’d think about where to drop your TC. In practice you cannot do that. You will die to timing attacks if you do not drop your TC almost immediately.

Again, I think I’m a minority, people seem to love Nomad so I’m not asking to get the map changed for me. If there was a change though, some way to allow the spirit of the map to flourish by allowing you to think about where you drop your TC would be cool. Also I much prefer Land Nomad to Nomad as timing attacks are less potent when you don’t have to worry about water which is extremely time based due to the very unforgiving nature of water.

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Nomad should be called castles in the face to a more accurate description of the map.