Does anyone have any complaints about the AoE 3 DE zoom range?

AoE 3 DE has a really great zoom range nowadays. In the AoE 4 forum section, there is a lot of resistance to AoE 4 being changed to provide an increased zoom range, so I just wondered, are there people campaigning for AoE 3 DE’s zoom range to be more limited? Are there people who really hate that you can zoom in and out so much?


Probably has to do with performance in Aoe4. Every zoom out means more things to render. Don’t know wtf the relic devs did in these years with their game engine when selecting units, basic stuff of rts, causes significant frame drops after a while in the game.

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Many AOE4 players come from other RTS. Some people, especially the players from Blizzard’s games, insist that the bad UI designs like 12 units selection are the part of the challenge of RTS, and refuse any QoL improvement polluting their games.


Haven’t heard anyone complain about increasing the zoom for AOE3 DE. It’s been great for the game.


Well I guess you misunderstood the core argument of those “resistance”.
It’s not that they really believe “more zoom is bad”.
It is “the devs did sth or didn’t do sth because of a reason we do not know. But they know their jobs better than us so whatever they do must be a good choice. If you do not know software industry or marketing or company management better than they do, you have no right to complain about it. So if the devs didn’t implement more zoom, it has to be they have a good reason why more zoom is bad.” Then they went out to find those reasons.

If the AOE4 was released with more zoom (options), there will be no such resistance.