Does anyone know when the update will drop?

I’m sitting here with my friends and we all got the preorder because the devs said you could test out the new civs on the 25th if you preorder.

Now it is already the 26th in many parts of the world and still no update :confused:

( Please no “that’s why you should never preorder” comments ).

I just want to know if I should keep waiting or go to bed…

The devs were lying. I’d hear a public apology.


It’s probably calculated for US time zones as usual for Steam and Microsoft store.

If you live in Europe like me you probably have to wait until midnight or even longer. I guess they meant 25th US time.

Even if it is, it could have been easily preventable by giving a bit more details from dev side. Feels like a scam caused by misinformation/communication . 3h left in Europe, but normally patches drop after midnight.

Even if it wasn’t intetionall, it still was false advertisement.


I would say it will be released in about 4-6h. That is the normal time for patches. It is still 25th in USA, but many other parts of the world are already be 26th.

They say the DLC will be release at 26th, so i already thought that would be 27th for most players, since the dev thinks the world is USA only when mention times.

Not really usual for both store, but for AoE dev team.

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I really agree though that they should have given some times in GMT as release/pre-play dates.

I’m on GTM+1 and steam dais that the DLC will be unlocked 21 hours, considering that now it’s the 21:30 it’ll be the 19:00 here when the DLC will be unlocked, or at least I think so…

This is the kind of quality work I expect from the marketing department. They’re employed to post nonsense on facebook, I doubt they understand the concept of time zones.

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I think that giving exact times is dangerous, because these sort of things have to be still getting fleshed out right up until the last minute. Having an exact time gives a target to miss.

At that point why did they even give a pre-order bonus saying players could play the civs early. Should have never had pre order dlc if that was the case lol


Update just went live on steam 1GB download.

I have a hunch it was a last-minute addition due to complaints about there not being a pre-order bonus. And because it was last-minute, it has a blemished launch. But hey, that’s just me. Still makes sense though.

They had to do a last-minute cavalry archer nerf, probably, :stuck_out_tongue:

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Microsoft version is a 2GB download …