Does anyone notice game crushing very often recently?

I played 5 games maybe like 3 of them crashed 40-50 minutes into the game. I noticed some players had the same issue when I asked during my games. Please let me know if anyone else noticed their game crash often in the last week. I disabled all my mods, no change.

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Just played another game and it crashed too…

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Steam or Microsoft store?

Yes this happens quite often since a few days, almoste every time one team mate is dropping or the game does not load at all…I wonder how one can break this game that hard.
Gaming as a service in a nutshell.

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I used to experience crashes periodically, but now I don’t really experience them anymore. I haven’t had a crash in months.

Now freezes, on the other hand, they occur quite a lot on the Earth map due to its size, particularly when I order warships to target something.

Not crash but a lot of OOS for me recently.

I encountered issues in two of my games today. In the first game, it froze on the civilization selection screen and never loaded. In the second game, after playing for 70 minutes and winning, it crashed before the stats screen appeared, so I didn’t get my ELO points. Very frustrating!

No crashes here, just A LOT of lost connections to the server. too much ELO lost because of this.
and no, it was not my provider, everything else was fine.