Does anyone want to strengthen Huaraca?

Although Huaraca, the ranged anti-artillery unit of Inca, can deal high damage to artillery theoretically, only 20 range they have, which means they will be attacked by artilleries and other soldiers around the artilleries first before they attack the artilleries. What’s more, when face to three or more artilleries, it is scarcely possible for them to match the cost performance of other anti-artillery units like Hand Mortar and Arrow Knight.

Although Huaraca seems to have 30 damage to infantry, it is almost useless - they are even less cost-effective than musketeers when attacking infantry.

So could we just add the range of Huaraca to 23, give them 40% ranged resistance and 50% resistance to artillery (just like Arrow Knight), then decrease their Damage Bonus against infantry. Add the range to 26 with the upgrade of Champion Huaraca. Or just rework them as Arrow Knight?


I want the rod to be consistent first


The big difference is Huaracas can almost instant shot and repeat with greater frequency than AK and hand mortar, both still do an animation before actuall shot.

When combined with good micro Huaraca pretty much masacre artillery units.

Huaraca can’t. His starting time is 1.05s, while the starting time of the unit that usually considered as instant shot is 0.31s (such as musketeer).

by the way, there’s only 0.75s of the starting time for hand mortar.

You forgot the arm/disarm thing. That also makes a bad timing affectation when in battle.

I’d like the age 4 huaraca card to increase range overall not just siege range, that alone would make them far better at their job of anti-artillery.

They should be weaker against artillery and serve a role more similar to an Abus Gun but specialized in sieging and countering all infantry. Inca should just have Light Cannons to serve as their anti-artillery unit.


That’s another good solution, make light cannons trainable after getting the big button tech.

I think that would be an unnecessary restriction and they should just be available by default in age 4.

The Thunderbolts of Illapa big button tech could be reduced in strength and moved to age 3 to give you a couple of Light Cannons earlier.

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Indeed though I’d prefer that change to nothing because currently I don’t even see that happening.

Please, just like consulate units and royal guard freebies handed out these days hasnt really improved gameplay, giving inca age4 cannons in age3 (these things are already one of best big buttons in game) will just promote cheese

For incas weakness to heavy artillery (huaracas do trade pretty evenly into falcs) the age4 shipment huaraca alliance card can improve them to 28 range I’d say and that would allow even trades which keeps inca pike bow ot bolas spam from swarming literally everything yet 1 wall and 2+ heavies doesnt insantly counter them. The civ is designed not to destroy cannons at range but lure them out so we have to remember its a fine balance as inca with light cannons forcing fights means good luck unless culv civ trying to close in on 4 age4 LCs vs speedy pikes bows chimu all while being snared by bolas. even with culvs LCs and micro are a a nightmare to fight.

Just some age 4 range or more seige resist woupd be enough, eepcially as captured mortars are an option and really after PuP will help with walls and age4 turtles. Imho

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Inca are in a bad spot currently, aztec may have a weakness to light infantry masses but inca have a weakness to those and to artillery and lack a top tier unit like ERK’s which beat everything. The huaraca being given more range seems like an easy fix yet they don’t do it, give it a high negative multiplier to infantry if necessary but make it effective vs artillery.

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It is true, it seems like at the moment Huaracas only counter buildings. I think it would be cool if they cost effectively countered buildings, light infantry and artillery, so they could be used in place of chimu runners. No, we don’t want them to counter everything like they used to. If the Inca units were more effective, we could see players use a greater variety of units instead of just bow/pike all the time, which is boring. I want to make Huaracas because the unit looks super cool, but there seems to be very few scenarios where making them makes any sense. Don’t forget they are also gold heavy while Inca specializes in food generation via kancha houses. Even for building siege, why not just build a bunch of food costing pikes which work against other units also, instead of gold heavy hurracas which don’t work well against any units?

actually you can prepare in advance

age 4 is too late lol

he means to design a new kind of cannon for Inca. not light cannon.

I’d take that over nothing though because currently it looks like they have no intention to buff it.

21, dev seems like forget it. also halberdier of Sweden

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No I’m meaning the same Light Cannon that Iroquois have.

If there’s an issue with how it fits in with the Inca then that’s something that could be modified by cards that make the unit more specialized for either civ.

i remembered that someone used to mentioned a wagon cannon, which comes from defeated Spanish. and many guys liked that.