Does AOE4 require better PC hardware than AOE3?

If your PC will run AOE3 with graphics maxed out will it run 4 the same way?

Or does 4 require more horsepower?

I’m running a GTX 1070 with a Ryzen 7 1700 3.00 GHz cpu and wondering how it will do with 4.

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I’m pretty sure it requires less, could be wrong though.

I do know for sure though that a 1070 is plenty, I was running it on a 1060 before.


AoE4 requires more power to run than aoe3 if you want to run it on max graphics.
That being said, the game should work fine on your system as you exceed the recommended specs.
Your PC may run max settings on aoe4 just fine, however unless you are running the game in 4k you will barely notice the difference between medium and high settings, and keeping on medium will help with performance and responsiveness if you are playing competitively.
I hope this helps

I ran the game on ultra with a 1060 and a i7 and I don’t get less tha 60fps, you won’t have any trouble


‘AOE4 requires more power to run than aoe3’

It does, thanks.