Does ballistic work for bombard towers?

does ballistic work for bombard towers?

If I’m not mistaken, no, unless you are portoghese.

Yes it does.
Fletching, Bodkin and Bracer work on them too btw. :wink:

The portuguese tech increases projectile speed by a bit.
It might even make them hit moving targets if you dont have ballistics, but not sure about that one.


The projectile speed is too slow that even ballistics affect it, it cannot hit moving target.

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Hit points Masonry.jpg\ 22x22 Masonry (+10%)
Architecture.jpg\ 22x22 Architecture (+10%)
CastleAgeUnique.png\ 22x22 Great Wall (+30%, Chinese only)
Attack Fletching.jpg\ 22x22 Fletching (+1)
Bodkinarrow.jpg\ 22x22 Bodkin Arrow (+1)
Bracer.jpg\ 22x22 Bracer (+1)
Chemistry.jpg\ 22x22 Chemistry (+1)
Heatedshot.png\ 22x22 Heated Shot (+125% attack against ships)
Range Fletching.jpg\ 22x22 Fletching (+1)
Bodkinarrow.jpg\ 22x22 Bodkin Arrow (+1)
Bracer.jpg\ 22x22 Bracer (+1)
Murderholes.jpg\ 22x22 Murder Holes (eliminates minimum range)
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg\ 22x22 Artillery (+2, Turks only)
Accuracy Ballistics.jpg\ 22x22 Ballistics (hit moving targets)
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg\ 22x22 Arquebus (hit moving targets, Portuguese only)
Armor Masonry.jpg\ 22x22 Masonry (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
Architecture.jpg\ 22x22 Architecture (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
Line of Sight Townwatch.jpg\ 22x22 Town Watch (+4)
Townpatrol.jpg\ 22x22 Town Patrol (+4)
Conversion defense Faith.jpg\ 22x22 Faith
Heresy.png\ 22x22 Heresy
Construction speed Treadmillcrane.jpg\ 22x22 Treadmill Crane (+20%)
Other Herbalmedicine.png\ 22x22 Herbal Medicine (garrisoned units heal faster) Upgrades


Depends on how the target is moving. The projectile will hit the target going in a straight line, it may miss a target zig zagging with micro at longer distances but may have a higher chance of being hit regardless the closer it gets.

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no, the portuguese have a special technology in imperial age(arquebus) that has the efect of balistics in bombard towers

I tested it in the editor using hussers running around turk and portuguese bombard towers, no difference.

Bombard tower shots appear to be similar to inaccurate treb shots or individual onager shot pieces that happen to track the opponent as long as they have regular ballistics researched but will mostly miss at further ranges but will come close anyways, the closer the better, but like onagers, trebs and stuff that’s similar, the more bombard towers you have firing at once the higher the odds of each shot connecting.

Arquebus only effects units

But you do have a higher chance of spamming unlimited bombard towers as Portuguese which will, in a way, increase the accuracy.

Does it though? Just because something isn’t working properly doesn’t mean it’s unaffected.

I could do the same test with a BBC or even HC and say arquebus doesn’t affect em… When it does. The algo is broken AF

The wording is also specifically towards (gunpowder units) bombard towers are gunpowder buildings

Unique-tech.jpg: Increases the accuracy of gunpowder units when firing at moving targets.

The wiki on the bombard tower itself may be somewhat wrong

Iirc the effect is that it makes the BBT’s cannon faster. But the effect got nerfed into the ground when black forest player complained about BBT spam.

I checked how much time it takes for the projectile to hit at the furthest point for ports vs spanish - same amount of time or very similar from 11 tiles
(Tested in HD version)