Does DE have MOD support?We need Steam Work Shop

Good day.

I am an avid modder of AoE2HD and a creatior of mods, I would like to start modding my AoE1DE, is it possible to do so, if yes, then how?

Furthermore, I NEED workshop support on steam, why go back with deminishing the games progress by not implementing easy mod creation and installation via STEAM Workshop?!

Are the devs darft or something?


Can we have proper mod support for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, please? This will add even more replayability value to the game and will promote creativity in all forms available.

It is possible to create, modify and share Scenarios and Campaigns, but what about models and textures, and the ability to create custom units and buildings, Microsoft? Can you do that, please? I would love to create mods that have different stats with buildings, units, towers and everything else.

Right now, there is no easy way to edit the difficulty or the game stats. I’d also like to port icons from Age of Empires 2 to this game, so it does not have missing icons with certain units such as the Photon Man (Laser Trooper) or other Cheat Units, and also fixing the fact that Hero Hannibal has the wrong icon for its own unit.

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I would definitely love official mod support… Just look at Age of Empires Heaven and what its community has shared over the years:

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