Does high ground give farther range?

Couldn’t find any answers to this on google, thought I’d heard this in the tutorial or somewhere else but can’t find any definitive answers on it, does anyone know?

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High ground benefits were tested in the closed beta as a mechanic, but were ultimatly kicked out of the game before the public stresstest.

In short: No it doesn’t.

The only buff you can get through “highground” is when you are on walls.

For what I know, there are still some low buffs.

1.) On high ground, you gain greater sight on what is below your hight.
[It may also be, that you have worse sight on what is above you.]

Through sight alone, you may have the chance to hit your enemy first via a suprise attack. After you attack a unit, the enemy may see the attacking units, even though they otherwise would be hidden.
Still you may even have the chance to trap your enemy, as you can secretly move your units on high ground while gaining view on the surroundings.

2.) [Sadly it is wrong:]
Lancers/Knights appearently do no charge damage when they have to run uphill while attacking their target.

3.) Cliffs.
Like in the tutorial, once your units are positioned there, cliffs allow you to attack melee units while they have to go a longer way around the cliff until they reach you (similar to an attack range bonus - but it only works against melee units).

The lancer charge is incorrect. I think that they can’t charge uphill in campaign still? They definitely do charge in MP though.

Barring impassable terrain, height gives no advantage other than LOS (well and some siege like bombards can’t shoot over top of hills)

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alright thanks for all the info guys! Its much appreciated :slight_smile:

Only walls give “Bonus sight, range and attack defense 80%”.