Does Microsoft take us in consideration?

Are you able to find in any update, something who came from this forum?


I really think this site is formal about discuss the game problems, and i can’t answer you about your question exactly since i am new here, if someone of the old guys saw your post and was reviewing the posts he can answer you

It depends… If you find some bugs, they actually will fix them. It happened to me… I got a bug in a mission, I published it and it was fixed the next patch.

If you mean balance changes, maybe. There are some sort of “common ideas” like nerf civ X or buff civ Y. Since sometimes this is actually due to a real need (a lot of people in the forum are not pros, but they have actually a good understanding of the game), it may happen: if several people say that civ X is OP, it is maybe true and the devs may take inspiration from some opinions in this forum to act on civ X.

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Many suggestions made during the beta have been taken into consideration, but not implemented until much later, for example, the favorite map option, map bans, more frequent map rotations, map balancing, and a good amount of civ balance changes came directly from these forums.

Other ideas posted here are likely ignored or tossed out for probably very legitimate reasons, but the devs don’t come back here and post that.

Software developers work with prioritized lists, they likely have a backlog of tasks, some of which may have come from this forum, and they work the backlog in order of priority.

When it comes to balance suggestions, a lot of the things suggested on these forums are simply bad ideas that players here just fail to recognize mostly due to lack of experience in game design, the devs take suggestions not only from here, but the balance groups work with top players in order to determine whether changes are good or bad for the game, this process is invisible to us, and that’s ok.

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italian and karambit buffs, unless they were just huge coincidences…

besides the bugs section where they have responded a fair amount, devs have responded to a few very very very very rare posts here as well…

Thank you everyone, it’s great to read all that !

The last elephant archer buff came one month and half after one big discussion about them here. Coincidence?

i published a bug on first week of release and it still isn’t fixed :rofl:

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